Friday, December 18, 2009

Minor Setback

Hey everyone. So I did weigh in this morning and I came in at 201. Not what I was hoping for, but I was expecting it so it wasn't a complete shock or anything. I might have come in at 200 or just under, but I chose to go out to eat last night at the Olive Garden. Now, going out I had the best of intentions. We had to do some Christmas shopping and I figured we'd end up getting dinner. I didn't know where or I would have done a little research looking up nutrition information. When we decided on Olive Garden I remembered they had a little icon on their menus showing you which items were healthier so I figured I would use those to guide me. When we got there I found out the little icon just indicated low in fat, so I still had no idea how many calories were in anything.

I was sitting there agonizing over what to choose and the waitress comes over and offers me a free sample of wine. I tell her no thank you and she says are you sure, it's free...I feel like she won't leave me alone unless I sample the wine, so I say sure I'll sample it. Then after sampling I say what the heck and order a glass. I think this was the turning point of me not making good choices for the rest of my meal. She leaves me with my wine and Steve and I decide we won't get an appetizer (we normally do...everywhere we go, bad habit) since the meals come with salad.

I'm sitting there still unsure of what to get and then I glance at the specials sleeve that they give you with all of the perfect pictures of the amazing looking specials...then the waitress comes back. I completely give in and order the Stuffed Chicken Marsala. It's chicken stuffed with cheese served with mashed potatoes with everything covered in a creamy marsala sauce. I seriously couldn't have made much of a worse decision.

Then they serve our huge salad bowl. I go ahead and fill up my bowl and start eating my salad. I'm telling myself to eat slowly and enjoy it instead of what I usually do which is basically wolf it down. I'm getting down to the bottom of my bowl and the waitress asks if we would like another bowl of salad. Right away Steve says yes and I'm cringing internally. But I'm thinking, it's ok, if he wants more salad that's fine, but I don't need any more. She starts to come over with the new bowl and he quickly wants to dish out the last of the salad in the old bowl...into my bowl. Now I know he was just trying to be considerate he thinks he's being nice serving me salad and I do appreciate it, but the last thing I needed was more salad with the full calorie dressing (and cheese, yes he opted for the cheese to be shredded on top of the salad). I ate some of the salad he gave me and then moved my bowl away from me so as not to eat anymore.

Then our food comes. Luckily my meal wasn't drenched in sauce quite as badly as I thought it would be, but I still knew it was high in calories. But I decided I already ordered it so I might as well enjoy it. I had had 1 breadstick and there was one left in the basket, so I split it in half and gave the other half to Steve. Then the waitress comes back "Would you like more breadsticks?" she says. I already know what his answer is going to be "Yes please". This time though I had decided no more breadsticks. She puts down the basket and he goes "Oh good, there are only two, one for you and one for me". I quickly inform that no I don't want any more breadsticks.

Now I'm trying to enjoy my meal, but frankly I just can't. I knew I had to weigh in today, I knew I could have made a better choice and I felt guilty. I did my best to enjoy it as much as I could but I was definitely disappointed in myself.

So today I looked up the calorie information for my meal and my main dish was 800 calories! I knew it would be a lot, so I wasn't altogether surprised, but man is that a lot. Here's the kicker, though, two of those "healthy" choices on their menu that I was considering were 840 and 760 calories. So even had I chosen one of those options I wouldn't have been any better off. Some of the items on their menu are even as much as 1400 calories! They have lower calorie options, but those two weren't one of them. Then add in the one and a half servings of salad (525 calories), one and a half breadsticks (225 calories) and glass of wine (150 calories) and that brings my meal to a total of 1700 calories. More than I've eaten in an entire day this whole week.

Now luckily I'd had a fairly low calorie day up until that point, so my total calories for yesterday came in at 2,318. So at the end of the day I came in with just a 260 calorie surplus. That's definitely not the end of the world, so I'm going to try and walk away with this being a lesson for me to learn. At least I now know how many calories are in a lot of their dinner items and I can order at least a little more wisely should we go there again. What I'm taking away from this is that I should do a little research on some of the restaurants near our house. That way if we decide on an impromptu meal another time I'll be able to make an informed decision.


  1. Moral of the story... skip Olive Garden! Yikes!

  2. Lol, yeah no kidding. Who knew even just the salad would be so bad!