Monday, December 7, 2009

My Challenge

I need to get serious about getting healthy. I feel like if I make this my priority then some of the other things that I'm lacking will start to fall into place. I'm not ready to commit to a gym membership yet, so for now I've set a goal for myself. I want to bike 300 miles on my stationary bike between now and the end of the year. I started this a week ago and so far I've managed to cycle 45 miles. That's a bit less than my goal was for the first week, so I'm going to have to kick it up a notch if I plan to meet my goal. I haven't made any real plans for my food. That's always the hard part for me. I don't want to do weight watchers again, because counting points was just too much of a pain. I know I could and should count calories, but I'm struggling with the motivation to get my poor food habits under control.

I like warm breakfasts. While on weight watchers I ate oatmeal pretty much every day. It was easy then, because I was going into the office so I'd grab a packet of oatmeal and a banana on my way out the door and since that was an easy thing to grab going out the door and by the time I got to work then that was what I had, so that was what I ate. Now that I work from home I always have choices both good and bad. Knowing I have pop tarts or breakfast sandwiches means it's harder to choose that oatmeal that I know I should eat. So, I'm hoping there are those of you out there that can help me make the right decisions. Give me ideas on warm breakfasts or any other lunch, dinner or snack suggestions that you may have. Tell me what you'd normally eat in a day and maybe that can help me set up a food plan for myself and get me on the right track food-wise. I'm looking forward to hearing any suggestions any of you may have.


  1. hey thanks for following!

    for me, the key to any successful weight loss journey is continuity. set yourself a goal, and do it, every day.

    i use, its a free ww type site where you can track your foods, calories etc, activity and a whole bunch of other things. also has a similar program and there are tons of others out there too. i had to make myself track every day, and now i do it out of habit.

    good luck! theres a great community of support here for you.

  2. Thanks for telling me about I just signed up and briefly checked it out and it looks very user friendly. I especially like how they calculate your calories burned each day with whatever activities you did and when you were sedentary split out. Very cool. Thanks.

  3. hey tania! congrats on starting again! thanks for following my blog! :) i eat oatmeal every morning, and if you like pumpkin I found the BEST recipe over here (

    ...but I have modified it for my own liking, basically here is what i do:

    boil 2/3 cup water
    add 1/3 cup quick oats
    add 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
    dash of pumpkin pie spice
    2-3 teaspoons of brown sugar

    SERIOUSLY the best hot breakfast ever. and its so filling. I am all about pumpkin too, so I have it everyday, and it hasnt gotten old (yet)

  4. Lol, pumpkin is probably the one thing I don't like. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me the recipe. If only I liked pumpkin, lol.