Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopping Galore

This weekend was all about shopping galore. We had a whopping 2 gifts left to buy and the rest was just gifts we were getting for ourselves. And I got a few new handy dandy tools of the trade. I got a new scale that lists weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass percentage and bone mass percentage. I've wanted a scale that gives body fat percentage so that's just one more thing I can track and watch go down.

Also, I got a new food scale. I had a food scale before, but it was just a cheapo scale with a little needle that would show you how many ounces, grams, etc. were in the food you were weighing. What I wanted was a scale where you can put a plate on it and zero it out and then add the food and that's what I got. It's neat because you put the plate on and then turn it on and that automatically zeroes it out and starts weighing whatever you add to the plate. Then say you want to add a second item to the plate that you want to weigh. You turn off the scale, turn it back on and now it zeroes out the plate plus the food that's on it and you can start adding the new food item and get a separate weight for that. Let me just say, I really dig it.

I also got Jillian's 30 Day Shred at Walmart for like 9 bucks. Not too shabby. I haven't started yet, but plan to in January. My question, though, for anyone who's done this is did you do some sort of cardio in addition to the 20 minute video? It just doesn't seem like enough all by itself. I mean I know it's hard and I know I'll be sore as hell and all that jazz, but I still need some extra cardio to burn all of this fat off, don't I?

We also mailed out all of our gifts to the people we aren't going to see over the holidays (goodbye $50 on shipping). So all I have left to do is wrap the couple of presents for the people we will see and that'll be that.

Now, about that newfangled scale I told you about. I weighed myself Sunday morning and I wanted to give you my stats for my first day with the new scale. I weighed myself on the old scale and there was only half a pound difference, so it's not too big of a deal (plus my old scale rounds to the nearest half a pound so it may even be less). Here are the deets from Sunday, not an official weigh in, but just wanted to get starting body fat percentage figures right away.

Weight: 198.4 lbs
Body Fat: 37.8%
Body Water: 45.7% (Weighed first thing in the morning, so this may be a little lower than normal)
Muscle Mass: 32.4%
Bone Mass: 2.7%

So, there are the first round of results from my handy dandy new scale.

Also, I wanted to give you an update on my cycling. Yes I'm still sticking to that 300 mile goal, believe it or not. Thus far I have cycled, drum roll please, 226.05 miles! Only 73.95 miles to go. Not too bad. I'm not going to hit the 300 miles before Christmas, but I'll be close. I'll have no problem getting it done before the end of the year, though, like I planned. In total this month I have burned 10,573 calories from cycling alone and have spent 15.74 hours cycling. That's a little over 5 hours a week. I'm very proud of that. My food choices may not have always been perfect and I may be having too much sodium in my diet, but at least in this one area, I'm doing everything right. The rest will come as time goes on and I progress, but for now I'm very happy with what I've accomplished. It's not always just about the pounds on the scale going down, but it's also about teaching yourself new habits and day to day learning to make better choices and that's something that I'm definitely doing and I'm proud of myself for that.

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