Monday, December 14, 2009

What a weekend!

Friday Night Dinner

This weekend was both good and bad. It started out with a dinner out with Steve Friday night, which was great. I didn't need the extra calories you inevitable consume, but I definitely needed the quality time with Steve. Let me tell you, grad school is no easy feat. He's constantly studying and doing research, which I totally understand, but at the same time I miss him because I don't get to spend as much time with him. Yeah we sleep in the same bed every night, but more often than not lately he gets home after I'm already asleep. It's just not the same as being able to have dinner together and hang out and then go to bed. But, his not being here is for the greater good. When he finishes grad school he will leave with a PhD, which will open up so many more doors for him and make him so happy. I'm very proud of what he's doing, but I definitely miss spending time with him. It definitely makes me appreciate the time we do spend together since it's not as frequent and it makes me realize how much I really do love him.

Duke's Puppy Graduation

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff. Saturday was spent taking one of the puppies (Duke) to his graduation from his puppy training class. He passed with flying colors! If I do say so myself, he was the star of the class. Some of the other puppies/owners had issues with some of the things that Duke could do without thinking twice. I guess that's the Australian Shepherd in him. Don't get me wrong, he and Dot still both need a lot of work as far as jumping and getting into things they shouldn't be getting into and whatnot, but overall I think they're on the right path.

Christmas Presents

After training I did some Christmas shopping. I don't think any of my or Steve's parents or grandparents look at this blog, so I'll tell you what I'm doing. Everyone always complains that they don't have pictures of us. So, I'm putting together a little photo album with a bunch of pics dating all of the way back to July of 2006 when we had been together just 10 months. I also included pics of our house and our pets, since a lot of our family is out of state and aren't able to see the house yet. I'm also including a picture frame so they can frame their favorite photo. I think they're really going to enjoy the gift. It's going to mean a lot more than any other material item I could give. That way our family in CA can look at the photos when they're missing us. :-) Wow, today is a mushy blog. Here are a few old pics:

July 2006

December 2006

December 2006 with my brother and his wife (then girlfriend)
March 2007
August 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Then on Sunday I went out and got our Christmas tree and set it all up. I was very proud of my tree. Then what happens this morning...why the puppies knock it over of course...twice. I was so frustrated, because it was the first thing I had to deal with. I had to pick up the tree and then clean up all of the broken ornaments and pine needles everywhere. I'm hoping that knocking it over twice scared them enough that we won't have a repeat offense. We shall see.

Weekend Eatings

My food this weekend wasn't great. I seem to have more issues with food on weekends as far as making not so good choices and not tracking calories. I was feeling a bit guilty about this, but then I read some other blogs this morning and realized I wasn't the only one with this problem so I'm not beating myself up about it as much as I was. It's just something I need to work on. I was more cognizant of my eating choices, which is a huge step in the right direction. I do think I need to have a few healthier fast food eating choices written down in my purse, so in case I am in a rush and need something quick or I'm out and about and just need something to eat I can make a more informed decision.


I did exercise last night, so that was good. I did my 20 miles on the bike, so I'm up to 125.4 miles overall. I'm almost half way to my goal, so that's awesome. I've really got be consistent about cycling 20 miles every day if I want to meet my goal before Christmas. I'm leaving on the 23rd to head up to WI and won't be back until the 27th. I will still have 4 days after that if I don't hit 300 miles before Christmas, but I'm really going to try to do it before. We shall see.

Anyway, back to the daily grind. I'm counting calories and getting in my cycling, so hopefully I'll have a good weigh in this coming Friday. Until tomorrow. :-)

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