Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where I'm At

I have worked out for the past 4 days in a row doing 20 miles on my bike and I definitely think it's starting to tire me out. I did get a good night's sleep last night, but I still feel like I could sleep for a week. Knowing how hard I'm working I want to see these big changes when I look at myself in the mirror, but I realize it's only been 2 1/2 weeks, so any major changes are a bit unrealistic. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I know that in my heart of hearts, but it definitely isn't always easy. My weight has gone down since yesterday, but it's still over what I weighed at my last weigh in, so I anticipate being right around my last weigh in. I might be a little over or a little under, but I'll be within a pound of that 200 lbs.

I'm so grateful that when I'm feeling even just mildly discouraged I can read all of the blogs I'm following and see what everyone else is doing and it helps me to get my head to where it needs to be. I see others struggling or making great progress and it helps me to just keep going and learning throughout this process.

Over the past 3 days (Monday - Wednesday) I have eaten an average of 1,481 calories and burned an average of 2,934 calories. That's a daily deficit of an average of 1,453. Over the past 3 days my total deficit is 4,360. Tracking this helps me see that I'm doing the right things. I understand numbers, numbers don't lie, so tracking it this way works with the left brain fact based side of me that shows me proof that I'm doing what I need to be doing. I just need to stick with it and the number on the scale will go down.

I've also been keeping an eye on my nutrition levels. Am I getting enough Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, etc. And the plain truth is I absolutely am not. So I went out and got some multivitamins last night and I'm going to take them every day. I've never been good at sticking to taking vitamins, but seeing in black in white that I've only gotten 10% of the daily recommended Vitamin D is a clear reminder that hey I really do need to take my vitamin.

I need to start thinking about what my exercise routine will be like come January. To reach the 300 mile goal I basically have had to have cycling be my only form of exercise. I wanted this, because I knew getting on my stationary bike every day was something I could do. I purposely set myself a goal that would have me cycling as my only form of exercise to begin with. I felt like it was best to start off with an exercise where I really didn't have to think. I just get on the bike day after day and don't have to worry about anything else. Plus, I could watch TV doing it, so I could feel like I wasn't completely changing my normal routine.

But after this month is over I know I need to incorporate other types of exercising and strength training into my routine. I have P90X videos, which I had started previously and stopped. They're good videos, they make me sweat for sure, I'm capable of doing most everything (with a few exceptions). I think at some point I'll try Jillian's 30 day shred. I don't have the shred, so I'd have to buy it. I wonder which I should do first? I don't know. I've got a few weeks to figure it out, but at least I'm thinking about it now, planning for a change.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. See you then!


  1. Do you Neflix? Because they have a TON of workout videos, and the shred is one of them. I love to netflix workout vids, so I can try them out before I buy.

    I have P90X too, but my husband and I could never get in to it. The workouts are just too long for our schedules. But I am digging the shred so far.

  2. Hey chica! So, I am still doing the 30 Day Shred even though I've missed a few days because of my schedule, but... it's a good work out, so if you're looking for something to challenge you but that is customizable for your particular ability level... it's a good one! :)

    And yes, I do live in Milwaukee! :)

    ~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

  3. I used to have Netflix, but we weren't using it enough so we cancelled. I should consider signing up again, though, because I've been buying a lot of movies On Demand lately since my boyfriend's been crazy busy with school and then I could use it to try out workout videos.

    Yeah, I agree about the P90X workout videos sometimes being too long. Since you both are doing the Shred and enjoying it (and the tapes are quite short) I think I'll go ahead and buy it.

    Jenn, that's too funny that you're in Milwaukee. I'll be in Kenosha Christmas Eve visiting family, so I'll be in the area. It was just interesting to realize someone in the blog world is that close, you know?