Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow Am I Tired

Boy was it hard waking up this morning. I did the 20 miles again last night, so that's good, but I am definitely wiped. And of course everything seems to be making it worse. One of the cats was literally sitting on me meowing trying to get me up, which, let me tell you, is really annoying. And then I get my butt up, throw on some clothes and go get the puppies to let them out and of course they're jumping all over me as much as we try to teach them not to. I finally get the puppies outside and I walk over to get them food and water and what do I see in the sink...the brita water filter that I started filling up last night and forgot to put back in the fridge. Then I walk over farther in the kitchen and I notice a cup on the floor. All of a sudden I realize, my foot's wet. One of the cats had knocked over Steve's water glass that was on the kitchen counter to be washed. I pick up the cup, start wiping up the spill with a paper towel using my foot because I'm tired and wet and don't feel like bending over to wipe it up. Then I let the puppies back inside and take off my pants cause they're wet and go throw them in the dryer to dry. So I'm walking around pantless and of course the puppies are still trying to jump on me and of course, without pants, this is not so fun so I'm trying to be nice and get them to stop jumping and reach down and pet them so they'll stop jumping all over my bare legs. Then I go upstairs and remember the cleaning lady is coming today...a day earlier than usual, so now I've got to straighten up the house before she gets here but at least I have until noon. Wow it has been quite a day already and I'm not even awake yet. Lol.

On another note I did really well with the cycling last night. It was a little later than I'm used to because I absolutely had to go to the grocery store. I brought Eat This Not That with me and tried to make good choices on all of the processed foods I was buying, paying very close attention to calories, fat, sodium, etc. and buying things from the book when I could. Looking at the labels and looking stuff up in the book meant it definitely took a bit longer than usual. By the time I got home it was 8pm and I still hadn't had dinner and was starving. Steve and I are a pretty good team when it comes to putting away the groceries. I take everything out of the bags and put it in piles: freezer, fridge or pantry. Then he starts with the freezer stuff packing it all in, then fridge stuff and finally pantry. We can power through and put everything away pretty quickly. Then we both ate a quick dinner and it was already 8:45 or so. So I went upstairs, dressed for cycling, came back down, started the Biggest Loser finale (thank you DVR) and rested for a few minutes so I could digest. Then at 9pm the cycling began.

Since I was watching the biggest loser finale time just seemed to fly by, which is definitely a good thing when you're exercising. I would get wrapped up in the show and then a commercial break come and I'd check my pace and saw that I was maintaining a pretty consistent pace even with getting involved in the show. Let me tell you, I get so emotional watching this show. Really, I get emotional with anything where another person is hurting or proud or whatever the case may be. I tend to feel what other people are feeling so next thing I know a few tears are falling at various points of the show, but I still maintained my pace and got my 20 miles in. It feels good to know that even though it's not easy I'm sticking with it and continuing to cycle every day.

Also, my calorie goal yesterday was 1500 or 1600 calories and I came in at the end of the day with 1,440 calories. Not too shabby.

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