Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Failure? I don't think so!

I've been feeling a bit like a failure lately with my food issues and the difficult time I've had making positive choices. I didn't let it completely get me off track, but I was feeling a bit disappointed in myself. I was planning to do my normal weigh-in on Friday and figured I'd do a quick weigh-in today just to see where I'm at, since I haven't weighed myself for quite a few days probably since my last weigh-in actually.

I step on the scale hoping it's not higher than last time, hoping it's at least gone down a little and I weigh in at 197.8 lbs! Talk about a boost. I know you're not supposed to let the scale rule you, but I needed a little reminder than I am doing a lot of things right. I'm trying to eat more vegetables, I'm counting calories, I'm drinking lots of water, I'm taking a multivitamin every day and I'm exercising and, believe it or not, it is making a difference.

It's easy to let one wacky weigh in get you down, but now I can see it was more of a temporary gain. It was my time of the month and my body was working on getting rid of some of the foods I had indulged in over the holidays. I think since those two issues have worked themselves out my weight has gotten down to where it's supposed to be given what I've been doing most of the time which are the right things.

I know this is a process and I thank god I started this blog. There may not be a ton of people that read it, but for the few that do I feel like I owe it to them to post what's going on, to post my feelings good or bad. And what starts as me just posting because I owe it to them turns into me posting because it's helping me sort out my feelings. Here's to a good rest of the week!


  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I just wanted to answer your question about the GoWearFit. Yes, I do have the display that goes with the arm band. I used to wear it (the display) religiously, but I don't wear it very often any more. At the beginning, the display really kept me on track and inspired me to push myself. Now? I workout and push myself because I love the feeling! I am glad I got the display, but I have since outgrown it.

    Both the Body Bugg and GoWear Fit (now called BodyMedia Fit) are made from the same company -- Body Media. They liscensed the GoWear Fit to 24 Hour Fitness which then marketed it as the Body Bugg on the Biggest Loser. There are two main differences:

    The Body Bugg lets one person (for instance, a trainer) get into on several bugs through one interface. The GoWear Fit does not have this feature.

    The GoWear Fit tells you how many hours of 'rest' you're getting at night. The Body Bugg does not have this feature.

    I love my GoWear Fit and continue to wear it every day. I have noticed the HUGE difference in how many calories I used to burn @ 271 lbs as opposed to how many I burn now @ 172 lbs. It's crazy!!!

    And girl, don't let one wacky weigh in get you down. There will be plenty more of those down the road. Ypu've got to prepare for them instead of hoping they never come. Keep your head up and keep on trucking.

  2. Thank you so much for all the info. I definitely think I'm going to go with the GoWear Fit because of the sleep feature. I worry about not getting enough quality sleep, so I think getting some feedback on my sleep would be beneficial.

    I also think I'll get the display watch because I definitely think I could use the motivation to push me to move a little more here and there throughout the day. I work from home, so it's easy to not get as much movement as I should.

    Thanks for the encouragement. It definitely helps to be able to check out people's blogs and get feedback from people to see that what you're going through is normal. So thanks.