Friday, January 22, 2010

Holy Protein Batman!

I had a great day yesterday. I was in a good mood, eating the right things, doing the exercise. All that fun stuff. Usually I exercise in the evenings after work and don't eat dinner until I'm done exercising. However, yesterday I decided I was going to cook a ton of chicken in the crock pot. I put it in there with some chicken bouillon that I dissolved in some hot water and threw in some Mrs. Dash to boot. I hadn't intended to eat anything until after exercising, but then Steve decided he was going to have some chicken about an hour, hour and a half before I was going to work out, so I figured what the heck. I'll eat some chicken before.

The chicken was good, but I still ended up adding a Tbsp of this Mandarin Sauce I bought from Panda Express and at 30 calories it was totally worth the extra flavor. All in all I had a little under 7 oz of chicken (nothing else) and maybe 20 minutes later I had this huge surge of energy! I was bopping around dancing like an idiot, freaking my dogs out. I felt like I could go out and run a marathon. It was just crazy the amount of energy I had. I guess I need to focus on having some protein about an hour before I work out, because the energy boost was insane!

Also, I heard in a few different places that having milk after a workout helps your muscles recover. Now I'm lactose intolerant, so me and milk don't really usually happen. But the different places had touted 8 oz of low fat chocolate milk, so I figured what the heck. I'll try it and see if it messes up my stomach too much. So we went to Costco the other day and picked up some Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk. At 190 calories, 5 grams of fat, 30% Calcium and Vitamin D and 10% Vitamin A it's not too bad of a snack. Us women always need as much calcium as we can get, so that's a bonus. Luckily it hasn't really messed with my stomach at all. Maybe it's because it's just 8 oz? Or the chocolate? I don't know, but it doesn't mess with me, tastes good and "supposedly" helps my muscles repair themselves, so why the heck not.

Steve wants to go out with some friends tonight. I'm a little nervous about that calorie wise, but I'll just have to plan on having a light beer or two and that's all. That won't hurt things too much and I'm sure it'll be a good time. But this place serves food too...oh bar food how I love thee, let me count the ways. Lol, but I will be strong. Hopefully the people we will be with will not be ordering food, so that would make it easier, but who knows. If other people get food I know Steve will want to get food too. Grrrr...well I'll just have to wait and see and I'll try and make the best decisions I can.


  1. It is the protein in the milk that is good. That chicken after the workout would have been good, too. That chicken sounds good...yum! I did a "clean out the freezer of mystery beef" raid the other day and put 3 different cuts of -been in the freezer a bit too long- beef in the crock all day with a wee bit of teriaki (yoshida) sauce. It ended up being VERY yum! And...somewhat mysterious! LOL I think it was ball tip, sirloin, and some stew meat.

  2. I have noticed a huge difference with the whole protein thing. It's inspired me to hard boil some eggs! Honestly, I think anything in the crockpot ends up tasting good...especially with teriyaki sauce.