Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not As Bad As It Seems

I weighed in this morning and it came in at 198.8 lbs, so my increase is not nearly as bad as I thought. Yesterday I mentioned that I hoped it was a temporary gain and after one day of tracking calories it appears it was. I'm so glad to see it went down and that I'm only one pound over my lowest weight. That I can deal with.

Yesterday I did great with my food. I even had a kickass dinner with yummy yummy beef. Bool Kogi to be exact. Or Bool Gogee, depending on where you get it from. Anyone it's a marinated Korean barbecue and we buy it from Trader Joe's (versus going to a restaurant) so we know how many calories and fat, etc. are in it. Let me just say, yum. Just add some rice, break out the chopsticks and there you go. :-)

Yesterday I consumed 1,604 calories. I burned 657 calories from exercise (30 Day Shred and Cycling - yes I already changed my mind back and will be cycling and doing the shred every day for the rest of the month) and 1,958 calories for my normal daily activities (according to FitDay) for a total of 2,615 calories burned. That leaves me with a daily deficit of 1,011 calories. Not too shabby!

As you can probably tell I'm feeling much more positive today. I found myself an accountabilibuddy. Hopefully she'll stick it out and we'll both make some major progress. Other than that, that's it. Life is good and I am happy. :-)


  1. ooooh. And accountabilabuddy. I love that idea. And that word. Accountabilabuddy.

    I made up a word yesterday - tweavesdrop. Eavesdropping on twitter. Made me feel smart.

    Good work. Don't you love it on level one when Jillian, standing in her manstance, introduces her two workout chickies as her "best girls"? I swear she has a penis.

  2. Lol, so far I'm really liking the accountabilibuddy. She's already been saying "Wow, way to go. Keep it up." Things like that, so it is nice to hear.

    Tweavesdrop, that's hilarious. Lol!

    Lol, yeah, then there's the part where she goes "Come on guys, you can do it, we're almost there." And then the very end where she gets in the stance with her legs wide open and her hands on her hips. She just looks like a super hero or something. Lol. Those things always make me laugh.