Monday, January 25, 2010

One More Thing...

I totally forgot to mention this international grocery store Steve and I went to! We love ethnic food be it Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, name it, we love it. That's probably one of the main reasons we go out to eat. We don't know how to cook these types of food ourselves, so we go to restaurants to get our fix for whatever we're craving. Anywho, we were driving around on Saturday and drove past this international grocery store. He mentioned how some of his fellow grad students had talked about this place, so we turned around and went back to check it out.

We didn't have a ton of money to go crazy with, but we had enough to pick up a little something to cook for dinner. The selection of fresh meat and seafood was just insane! We decided we would go the Korean route since we had rice at home and a common Korean dish is Bool Kogi which is basically marinated beef and it is traditionally served with rice. We found this thinly sliced ribeye (probably not what's typically used, but that's what we got) and we went to the Korean aisle and got a small bottle of short rib bbq sauce. So, it wasn't Bool Kogi exactly, but it was similar in the sense that it was thinly slice beef marinated in sesame bbq sauce. It was really good!

It was just fun to see all these foods that we love at this grocery store where we can buy and prepare things for ourselves at home. So we get to satisfy any cravings we may have, while still having control over how things are cooked and exactly what we're putting in our bodies. We saw so many things we wanted to buy, so we will definitely be going back. I just love knowing that pretty much anything we could want is available at this grocery store, so we don't have to give up food we love. Oh yeah, and King Crab legs...I'll be back for you. :-)

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