Friday, January 15, 2010

This Week

I had a pretty good week, not perfect, but I'm getting better. Monday - Wednesday I averaged 1,365 calories a day. I did the shred Monday-Wednesday and cycled just on Monday and Tuesday. Then yesterday I was just feeling exhausted. I swear to god if the cleaning lady hadn't been here I would have taken like 5 naps. Instead I'm sitting at my computer, trying to focus on work, but mostly just trying to keep my eyes open. I was still planning to exercise and was going to cook a healthy dinner, but was going to go to bed early.

Then I got the mail...and a takeout menu for a Chinese restaurant. Now you have to understand something, we've only lived in Indianapolis for 7 1/2 months and we've only lived in the house we bought for 5 months. We love going out to restaurants, but have had trouble finding good ones. We've yet to find a good Italian restaurant and also hadn't found a good Chinese restaurant and I can't even count the number of times I said I wished I knew of a Chinese restaurant that delivers. I had even done extensive research and called a bunch of places to find one flippin restaurant that delivers, but to no avail. Then I get this menu in the mail. I swear to god as soon as I saw it, I knew we'd be ordering takeout. We've been waiting for something to come in the mail and Steve texts me to ask me if it arrived and I said no, but we got a Chinese takeout menu. He immediately asks if there's a website so he can look up the menu and we can order in dinner.

Ugh, we are so weak! I was trying to be good and on their website there was a picture of lemon chicken. It looked like it was this grilled or baked chicken that appeared to have been cooked in the lemon sauce so it looked slightly crispy on the outside without any crazy amounts of sauce covering it, but there was no breading. The order arrives and not only is it breaded, but they gave me enough chicken for probably 5 meals (assuming I ate a healthy portion) and the lemon sauce is in a separate soup container. The good thing about this place is that it's inexpensive, they have a lot of variety and the food tasted really fresh. So I definitely have the opportunity to make better choices should we order from them again...who am I kidding, when we order from them again.

Ah well, we live and we learn. I did not weigh in this morning, because I knew my weight was going to be off based on the large amount of food I ate last night. I swear to god I pooed like 4 or 5 times since I ate last night (should this be a TMI Thursday??)! My weekend should be interesting since I have friends coming to town to stay with us, which always makes it hard for me to make good decisions, but at the same time I don't want to blow all of my hard work. Then on Friday is this event for Steve's school and we have no idea what the food is like there, we just assume it's going to be some sort of buffet style meal.

I need to learn how to cook more interesting, healthy meals at home so I don't feel the need to go out to get "good" food. I like the food I eat at home, but I tend to look at it more like I'm just eating what I'm supposed to eat and not getting as much enjoyment out of it so then I end up looking elsewhere for an enjoyable food experience. I will weigh in next week on Wednesday or so and hopefully I will show a drop. I'm still struggling with this food thing. Any advice?


  1. I'm glad you're not beating yourself up over one meal. :)

    Have you looked at the recipes on Spark People? Lots of great recipes that are "better" for you: .

  2. No, I haven't. Thanks for the link. I've really been struggling lately with my motivation. I need all the help I can get, so thanks.