Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cycling + Biggest Loser = Awesomeness

Yesterday was a rough day as far as work goes, so by the end of the day I was wiped and ready to throw in the towel and not work out. Plus, right after we got done eating dinner my mom called and we ended up on the phone for a while so I just wasn't going to do it. Then the biggest loser started. About 10 minutes in I was like ok at the commercial I'll pause it (thank you DVR) go change and cycle for the rest of the episode.

I did just that and got in an hour of cycling and did 17 miles. That means I cycled 17 mph! That's the fastest I've cycled to date. I just had this crazy energy, whereas a lot of times I have to push myself just to finish. It felt so good really working hard while I cycled and I managed to burn 840 calories just from cycling! That's definitely an accomplishment.

Lately I've been noticing definition in my arms. This is huge for me, because as I gained weight usually my arms and legs stayed pretty slim it was usually mostly in my bust and belly that I carried my weight. So when I started seeing pictures where my arms looked flabby it was quite a blow, because it just made it clear how far gone my body had gotten. So last night after cycling I took a pic of my bicep to show you my progress. I'm very proud of that bicep. :-P

Other than that things are going good over here in my world and I look forward to continuing to see progress both in inches and in pounds. I'm looking forward to my weigh in on Friday, only 3 more days to go.


  1. Super congrats on the cycling! I wish I had the motivation to work out. :/

  2. I have to work out. My body is so stubborn that if I did't I swear I wouldn't lose any weight. Both my parents are overweight and struggle trying to lose weight, so I got the double whammy in the gene pool. I'm fighting it off though!

  3. Please share your secret on those arms!! I need help with my flabby arms!!

  4. Lol, do the 30 Day Shred! Although, I will admit, I am naturally predisposed to having muscley arms. That's why the weight has bugged me the most because I started seeing my arms all flabby in pictures. It's nice to see them getting back to normal. :-)