Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 6...when will this end????

I'm still sick...go figure. Every time I think I'm feeling better I have a bout of sneezing and eye watering and nose running and I quickly realize...I'm not better yet. I'm not quite as tired as I was, so that's something. My newest thing, though, is my right eye is watering like crazy! I will get this twinge in my sinus where I feel like I'm going to sneeze and maybe I will, maybe I won't, but my eye will just water like there's no tomorrow. The result of said twinge and eye watering is the puffy eye syndrome below. You can see just the right eye is puffy (left in the picture, but it's my right eye). This had better start getting better soon because we have reservations on Saturday for our Valentine's Day dinner and I want to feel normal so I can actually enjoy myself. Ah well, we shall see.

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