Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exercise and Arguing

I did my 20 miles and the shred video last night and let me tell you it.was.hard! I wanted to quit after 10 miles I swear to god. I had this goal last night to do 20 miles and beat my best speed to date and while it was incredibly hard I pulled from the depths of my being and I did it. I finished those 20 miles and my average speed clocked in at 17.4 mph. That's right I beat my old best speed of 17.0 mph. Usually when I get a good speed it's on a day where I have this amazing surge of energy and I'm just flying without even trying (hey that rhymes), but last night it was sheer will. Now I'm not going to force myself to beat any speed goal tonight, because my body's already drained and I just want to get through it. Moral of the story, it was hard, but I did it. :-)

Now onto the argument part of my story. This morning I get up and I am dragging. My body is just so tired from all the exercise I've been doing and it was hard just to peel myself out of bed. I get out of bed, pee, hop on my computer real quick and then head downstairs. I let the puppies in from outside (he had let them out earlier), wipe off their feet (I hate mud!) and start my breakfast. I realize my water bottles upstairs, so I head up real quick to grab it. When I come back down here's how the conversation starts:

Him: Toby was trying to eat your cereal. (This is our cat and this is completely typical)
Me: Oh really? It's not cereal it's oatmeal. (Sincerely just assumed he thought it was cereal and was only stating what I was having for breakfast)
Him: Tania. Oatmeal is cereal.
Me: Well I don't think so, but whatever.
Him: Oatmeal is in the "cereal" category. It's like me saying "meat". It's just a category.
Me: I don't agree, but it doesn't really matter.

Then it went off from there, but you get the gist. Basically, he was trying to explain something to me and felt like I was blowing him off and didn't want to listen. And I was trying to say that this is so unimportant of a topic that I don't even want to waste my breath discussing it. I get him being upset if I don't want to discuss an important topic, but come on...we were talking about whether or not oatmeal was cereal. Ugh. In his defense I sometimes probably say I don't want to discuss something when we disagree when I should give him the opportunity to discuss it. But in my defense, sometimes two people just have two different opinions and either there is no right or wrong answer or the topic is so unimportant it's not worth it to potentially argue over the topic. Plus, I seriously think there should be a rule that if it's after 10pm or before 11am arguments are not allowed. Either way you're tired and easily irritable. I mean I hadn't even been up for an hour yet and suffice it to say I am not a morning person. Oh well. I'm already over it, since I never thought it was a big deal to begin with. Hopefully he feels the same.


  1. Hahaha! Love this. :) I once had a yelling argument with a friend of mine about whether or not eggs are considered dairy. And just the other day, Hubby and I had an argument about when he moved a bottle of shampoo from the wash basin in the laundry room to the shower. I called him a liar and everything. It was awesome! :)

    Good job on challenging yourself. Kickin' asses! :)

  2. Lol, I'm glad you got a kick out of our argument. Sometimes they're just so stupid!

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