Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Update

I just wanted to do a quick post. I didn't work out yesterday. I had some financial stuff to work on and that took a while. Then I knew I really needed to do dishes (I've been putting it off for far too long...I HATE dishes). At the end of the day I came out with a 520 calorie deficit. Not too bad for a non-workout day.

I really want to get a GoWear Fit, but alas money is tight so for now I just can't afford it. In the meantime I use FitDay to figure out my calories burned versus calories consumed. However, I always wonder if it's accurate. Sometimes when I work out I feel like I burn more calories than it says and then when I don't work out I feel like it's got to be less. I mean on a non-workout day it says I burn just over 2,000 calories. Can that be right? Anyone who maybe used to use FitDay and then got a GoWear Fit or a BodyBugg that compared accuracy? I work from home, so there can be days where I get very little movement in. I just feel like I need the GoWear Fit so I can get a more precise reading of my calorie burn each day. But at the same time as long as I'm making progress it may just be a waste of money I don't have to spend.

Oh well, for now I'll just keep using the FitDay numbers and hopefully I'll keep seeing progress and not feel the need to go out and buy that next gizmo. I'd be better off putting my money toward a treadmill than a stinking calorie burn tracking armband. Anywho, I'll definitely be working out tonight. Only two days till weigh in. :-)

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