Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Biceps and Greek Yogurt

I had a killer weight training session last night. It was definitely not easy and it left me more than a little sweaty. I always feel great after, though, when my muscles are all taut and exhausted. It's really a great feeling. I know I've posted one of these before, but I can't help it I'm proud of my biceps. Maybe if you got a candid of me in a sleeveless shirt I wouldn't feel the same way, but right now, I'm proud.

The last time I attempted to lose weight I didn't really do any weight training and I felt that was a great disservice to my body. I've mentioned before how I got down to 176.5 lbs, but at my brother's wedding was around 180 lbs. Here is a picture of me that is soooo not flattering. My big thing, though is comparing my arms then and now. I weighed less in the pic below, but I feel like I look much better now. I'm hoping that when my friend gets married in June I don't have the same feeling about her wedding pics. I don't expect to think I look perfect, since I've still got a ways to go and won't be anywhere near my goal weight yet, but I'd just like to be happy with how I look then. I may still be bigger, but I don't want to be flabby. I'm hoping that continuing to weight train and get my cardio in will result in me looking much better in her wedding pictures.

Last, but certainly not least, Greek yogurt. Can I just say YUM!! I know there are a lot of people that love it and just as many that don't, but I am one of the lovers. And a good thing for me is Steve is one of the haters. Why is that good you ask? Picture this, you're working from home and need a little pick me up and think a little Greek yogurt sure would hit the spot. You walk down to the fridge and *gasp* no yogurt! But there was one left in there when you checked last night, just for such an occasion. I don't understand! Then it dawns on you...he ate it. My point is it's nice to have one thing in the house that is mine and mine alone. I don't have to worry about Steve eating the last yogurt, cause it's mine all mine.


  1. The hubby stole my last Greek yogurt. So you you are right, it's good to have something of your own. He won't touch my veggie burgers, go figure.

  2. OMG! Nice freakin' GUNS! ;)

    Looking good girl. Keep it up.

    I do the organic plain yogurt and that makes hubby gag so I'm good to go too. heehee

  3. Greek yogurt, you kidding me? THe non-fat stuff from Oikos(sp?) is fantastic. Plan with a little honey and some walnuts.. very filling and low on the points. Also I've put it in a cheese cloth and hung it overnight to get a thicker pasty yougurt with much less liquid. Add some oregeno or basil and spread on toast, w/ a wee bit of olive oil, better than butter.

  4. I totally feel ya about the flabby thing. I feel so flabby right now. Even though I weigh lower than I ever have. I guess, I'm having the opposite effect, I feel like my old pictures where I weighed maybe 10-15lbs more I looked better then (of course I was in my teens, and hadn't let my body fully go flabby!). So I'm slowly working on that!

    And yeah, LOVING the greek yogurt too. Its my daily breakfast right now. I went with the regular yogurt last week to try and go cheaper, twice as much for the same price, but it wasn't worth it. I missed the thick creamy goodness of greek. So its back!

  5. I'm glad so many others like Greek yogurt like me!

  6. You look absolutely glowing and awesome in your picture! I can really see your progress :)

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate the support, and definitely need it right now!

  7. lovelovelove the bicep shot.
    you should be proud, Girl.


  8. Thanks for the kind words guys. This whole getting fit thing really feels good. :-)

    Emily I am always here for support. Anytime.