Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Me? Run a 5K?

I was reading Jen's blog today and it got me thinking about 5Ks. Now I am not a runner and never have been. Actually, I don't even run or jog as part of my current routine. However, the weather is getting nicer and it is something I could start adding into my routine in the near future (no money for a treadmill or gym membership currently). Also, I have enjoyed running in the past. I used to go to the gym and run on a treadmill and I definitely have experienced the "runner's high".

Mostly, the reason I'm thinking about 5Ks is just to have reasons to get me outdoors and to meet new people and try something new and in the process possibly even support some charity that interests me. Also, Steve wants to get back into playing soccer. He's been involved in soccer his whole life, but the last year or so it has fallen on the back burner a bit for various reasons (taking the GRE, applying to grad schools, moving across the country, etc). A big part of playing soccer is just running back and forth and having the stamina for all that running. He's mentioned wanting to get out jogging, but his knees have been bugging him. So my thought is we take it slow. I honestly feel like whatever knee pain he's having will get better as he gets healthier and loses weight and just gets out there and gets moving. Personally, I don't feel he needs surgery or anything I think it's just the extra weight that's making his knees hurt. Plus, I've always loved going for walks. He's always fought me on it because he'd rather go out cycling (since he enjoys it more and it burns more calories), but I think his wish to improve his running stamina might get him out there with me. Plus we can cycle too, but the puppies can't come with us cycling.

So when I think about us recently moving to a new state, looking for interesting things in our area, wanting to get outdoors with our puppies, working on losing weight and needing to just improve our overall health it just sounds like 5Ks would be fun things to get involved in. We can start out walking/jogging and as our fitness improves, who knows, maybe one day we'll want to run the whole thing. I tend to be a bit competitive with myself as far as shooting for increasing my speed when I cycle or upping my weight now that I've started weight lifting, so I feel like I will want to eventually run timed 5Ks or 10Ks or whatever but if to get Steve started we need to walk I'm ok with that.

I googled Indianapolis 5K and I got a list of 45 that are in our area that occur between now and the end of the year. Of those 45 I checked out what each 5K was for and there were 17 that grabbed my attention either because it was a part of some larger festival that would be fun or it was for some charity that I'd like to support.

We are big breast cancer research supporters in this house. My grandma had breast cancer, which she beat, and so did Steve's mom, which she also beat. Steve's goal in life while he's working on his PhD and once he gets his PhD is to do breast cancer research. So, I see the Race for the Cure for the Susan G. Komen foundation and I'm immediately interested, but alas, it's on April 17th and that's the date of my best friend's bridal shower that I'm throwing (we're also missing out on a performance of a comedian we both love that we've never been able to see -- of course he'll be in our area the date of the bachelorette party...of course -- ah well, that's the nature of the beast with weddings).

There are a few others in May and June that are contenders, but there's definitely one in July I'd like us to do. It's on July 3rd, and has special 4th of July type festivities. Then at the end of November and in December there are some fun holiday themed events. One involves everyone who's running getting dressed up like santa. Another gives you hot chocolate at the half way point, has Santa on the lead bike, gives you candy canes at the finish and has free beer and wine tasting. Overall, it just seems like there are some fun events to get involved in by doing these 5Ks, we'll have chances to meet new people and I assume the fees would be tax deductible since most of them are for charities.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little post about 5Ks, cause all of a sudden it's rooted this idea in my brain that I really want to check some of these out and get involved. How many of you run 5Ks?


  1. 5Ks are so much fun, and it's always nice to support a good cause! It's so nice to get out running when spring is finally here. Good luck, and a 4th of July 5k sounds FUN :)

  2. Good for you!

    I've never run any races, but I used to run all the time a few years ago...

    I just started back into running, so my first 5K is next on the list. Probelm is, right now I live in Russia, so I'm not sure where I could run one...maybe Sweden? If not, I'll have to find an excuse to fly further to do one....:)

    You have inspired me to take the plunge and find where I can do my first 5K!

  3. Yay, that's awesome!! I hope you can find a 5K somewhere out there!

  4. Hey Tania!
    I just ran my first 5K this past Saturday.
    I used the Couch to 5K training program,google it, it's free, and I LOVED IT!

    I just started running at the end of December ( 3 months after my son was born and nearly 200 lbs) and my knees were KILLING me too! I had ACL surgery in HS and I attributed it to that, but the more I ran, the skinnier I got, and now I have absolutely ZERO pain in my knees. EVER. And I run 4-5 times a week.

    I am now training for my next race in May, a 10K, and I NEVER thought I'd be a runner!

    Anyway, I TOTALLY recommend the Couch to 5K program, it truly rocks!!!

    Good Luck!