Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh No You Didn't!

Oh yes I did! We went out and got ourselves a home gym yesterday! Woo hoo! And it was only $100! I'm so excited to start using it tonight. It's not completely set up. Two of the three stations are set up, but we need to buy a few nuts and bolts to finish it off. A quick trip to Home Depot and we will be all set. Setting it up was actually quite easier than I expected. Figuring out the cables was a bit difficult, but it was more of a mental strain than it being physically hard. Anyway, with no further ado, here she is.

On the far left you see where we can do Ab Curls. That's pretty much it for that station. Then in the center we can do the Butterfly, Bench Press, Lat Pulldown and Leg Extension.

On this picture you can see the station on the right side of the gym. There we can do the Leg Press and Military Press. This is the side where the cables aren't attached, so we can't use this quite yet.

There's also a few cable exercises we can do. We can do the Low Row, Abductor, Hamstring Curl and Arm Curl.

I think that's everything. Overall I'm just really stoked to try it out. It's a little bigger than Steve wanted. I think he's a little miffed that it took over "his" room. But the room was basically empty. There's a table in the corner for him to do his sewing and the ironing board for him to iron. Honestly, there's plenty of room in there for this thing. Plus once we get the last station hooked up we can move it over to the right a little and he'll have some more room. He's excited to use it too, so I think once he starts getting some use out of it he won't mind it taking up space in "his" room so much.


  1. Wow!!! Awesome! I would love to have one of those, especially for that price!!!

  2. Gotta love craigslist. Once we saw we could get a home gym for under $200 we decided to go for it and then got lucky and found this one for $100.

    We were a bit worried parts would be missing since it was disassembled when we picked it up, but aside from a few nuts and bolts everything was there.

  3. Awesome. I bought one three years ago and it's been great. Gives my wife a place to hang the clothes when they come out of the dryer. Do better than I!

  4. Lol, I'm sure my boyfriend is going to try to hang clothes on it since he irons in that room, but I will definitely be removing them each time I workout.

  5. That whole thing was $1oo bucks?? That was a good deal. The workout looks like it came from putting that thing together.

  6. Yep, the whole things was $100 bucks. That's why you gotta buy stuff like this used. Half the time people buy treadmills or home gyms with good intentions and barely ever use them, so you're getting something that's practically new at a huge discount.

    It really wasn't hard to put together the pieces since it was just a matter of screwing on some bolts (then again I like putting things together, so maybe I'm biased). The hard part was figuring out where the cables went.