Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scale and Calorie Consumption

I got a lot of comments on my last post about the scale. I'm not by any means freaking out or giving in. I'm 100% on course and haven't veered off. I was just a little annoyed to see it staying the same and it made me wonder about how many calories I should be eating. I track inches on a monthly basis, so I do have another means of measuring my progress and don't depend solely on the scale, so don't think I'm flying off the deep end.

Last time I attempted to lose weight I did weight watchers online. I've seen other people's blogs that are doing weight watchers and in their blogs they'll talk about eating 24 points in a day. 24 points is roughly 1200 calories. That's where I started thinking maybe my calorie level is too high, but then I remember the flex points and activity points and I'm unsure again and I think maybe it's too low?

Currently I'm shooting for 1300 calories a day and allowing myself higher calorie days on the weekends of like 1800 or so calories for two days. So if you'd average that out over the week I should be looking at an average of 1450 calories a day. I'm working out for an hour doing either cardio or weight training about 5 days a week.

What do you think? Am I getting enough calories? Am I consuming too many? What's your opinion?


  1. That sounds a little low to me. The average person is supposed to get 2000. A dieting person usually shoots for 1600. But as long as you don't feel hungry it's probably fine.

  2. According to FitDay (which is the site I use to track my food and exercise) I burn 2,008 calories a day at my present weight without exercising. Now on days when I do exercise it can jump to 2,300-2,700 calories burned.

    So on average I burn roughly 2,350 calories a day and consume 1,450 which would give me a daily deficit of 900 calories.

    Now I definitely have days where something comes up and I can't work out or we end up going out to eat and I go over, so this isn't an exact science by far but at least those are general numbers.

  3. Hmmm, it's so hard, this calorie thing. I've read that if you're fairly active, then 1,400 - 1,600 calories a day is a good range. So, you're there - but, if you're hungry a lot, try adding a bit more and see what happens - maybe you need to "stoke the fire" a bit by adding another 100 calories to your day.

  4. I think I'm ok, calorie wise. I'm definitely not a drill sergeant about it. I've been shooting for 1300 calories a day this week and my average is 1305 so far, so I'm pretty much right on target and I haven't felt hungry at the end of the day. In fact, I leave room for a snack after my workouts. If I ever feel famished at some point during the day and that pushes me a bit over that 1300 calorie mark, so be it. I definitely wouldn't walk around with tummy grumbling and just ignore it. I think I'm pretty good at giving my body fuel when it needs it even if that pushed me over my goal.

    I think if I don't see a loss tomorrow at my weigh in it's because of the weight training I've added to my routine. My muscles are definitely a little sore today (which is good, because I've been wondering why I haven't been sore given how hard I've been working), so I think I'm doing a good job of breaking them down which may mean water retention. I know it all evens out eventually, though, so I'll just keep on the path I'm on.