Friday, March 26, 2010

WEIGH IN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I weighed in at 188.4 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that I broke through that wall. I am so close to 20 lbs lost I can taste it! I probably won't reach that milestone next week, but hopefully by the week after. :-) I just can't wait. I'm so happy with my progress so far. Now, let's go over the month by month breakdown since I started.

December: 4.8 lbs lost - 4 inches lost
January: 4.2 lbs lost - 5.25 inches lost
February: 5.0 lbs lost - 5.5 inches lost
March: 3.6 lbs lost - 2 inches lost
Total: 17.6 lbs lost - 16.75 inches lost

Obviously this month's numbers are a bit less than previous months. I'm not sure why. I've noticed the most change in myself this month, but only lost two inches. Oh well, I'm not going to over analyze it. Everything's going down and I'm feeling strong and healthy and that's the important thing.

I hope everyone's kicking ass and taking names! I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend and sushi tonight to start the weekend off right. Yay for sushi!!!!!!!!

One last interesting tidbit to leave you with. One pound equals four sticks of butter. That means
I have lost 70 sticks of butter! How many sticks of butter have you lost?

**Edited** Only my weight is supposed to be in larger font. Even though it's small when I edit the post it's large when I publish. Grrrr...


  1. Woohooo - way to go! So awesome!

  2. Tania! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!

  3. Nice darn job! The weight loss might slow a bit as you get closer to goal...but that is ok! Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be zooming into the 140s before you know it. Woo hoo!

  4. Thanks Greta!! The 140s are something I haven't seen since high school! The idea of getting down there is just unbelievable and I can't wait. :-)

  5. How do I find out how many sticks of butter I have lost? Keep your eyes on the prize girl!

  6. It's a pretty simple calculation. There are 4 sticks of butter for every pound (according to some site I say, so it may or may not be accurate, but whatevs). So you take the number of pounds you've lost times 4 and that's how many sticks of butter you've lost!

  7. I saw the 70 sticks of butter and laughed. That's one way to put it down...that is the first time I've seen the weight measured like that. Congrats on the success.