Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

Wow, so I think this is the longest I've gone without posting. Let me tell you what's been going on with me. Basically, I've kind of fallen off the wagon. It all started with me hurting my foot. I was all gung ho to get into the gym and start running on the treadmill and then WHAM! something happens (my foot) and that had to be put on hold. Even though it sucked I figured it was ok and that I'd just have to make good food choices.

We installed a new operating system on my computer which wiped out all saved passwords and bookmarks and whatnot. When I went to log into FitDay (the website I use to track my food) I realized I didn't know my log in and password. I tried a million different things and couldn't figure it out. I even emailed them to try and get help, because when I tried the "Forgot Password" dealio I never got the email that was supposed to come with my password (now I know I was using the wrong log in name, so some other person was probably wondering why the heck they kept getting emails from FitDay). I never got a response from the email I sent.

I allowed these two issues to derail me. Now I didn't go completely haywire. Basically I'd make good choices for breakfast and lunch and then come dinner time I'd make a really bad choice. I've had fast food for dinner three days in a row! Since I began this whole thing I've probably gone a month or two at a time without having fast food (not including starbucks :-P). I'm frustrated with myself that I've basically thrown away a few weeks with bad decisions when I could have been making more progress. The good thing, though, is that so far I haven't really gained much. I've basically been maintaining, so it could be worse. I haven't weighed myself since last weigh in and I don't intend to until Friday morning, so hopefully I can at least maintain for this week too.

This weekend I'm going away to Milwaukee, WI for my best friend's bridal shower that I'm throwing. I'm going to go have a good time and come back and get down to business. I'm hoping that when I return my foot will be good enough to get back into the cardio. I'm hoping I can run, but if not I should still be able to ride on my stationary bike and I can definitely handle weight training. Today and tomorrow I'm really going to focus on my food so that hopefully my weigh in Friday morning isn't too atrocious. I finally tried a combination on Fit Day today that worked! No more excuses. I need to track my food on Fit Day and get back into working out when I return from my weekend away so I can start seeing some progress again.

One last fun thing to leave you with. My puppies have been digging up the yard and chewing all of their outdoor toys to pieces, so we decided to get them some big bones to keep them busy while they're outside. Let me tell you, watching them carry those huge bones around is HILARIOUS!!! The picture's a little blurry because I took it through our patio door. Aren't they cute?

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