Thursday, April 8, 2010

Falling Down The Stairs and Fast Food

I woke up yesterday morning completely out of it. I had to put the puppies outside, so they could take care of business if you know what I mean. As we're walking downstairs I totally tripped, heard my big toe crack and then slid down a few stairs on my shins and eventually caught the railing, so I didn't fall down the whole way. My toe hurt quite a bit, but not so much I felt I needed to go to the doctor. I know they don't do much for toes anyway and I didn't think it was broken, just sprained or something.

I was going to go to the gym, but after the toe business running on the treadmill just didn't sound very appealing. I can barely limp around the house let alone think about putting on tennis shoes and running. I did have to go to the eye doctor though, so I got ready and hopped in the car. I'm driving and I realize I'm a little tentative on the brake, since my foot hurts, but luckily the eye doctor was close and I got over that initial tentativeness pretty quick.

Then at the eye doctor they put in those drops that make your vision all blurry. The doctor asks if I had sunglasses with me and I told him I didn't, so he gave me those cheapo plastic things to slip in behind your glasses to shade your eyes from the sun. I'm limping out to my car with those crappy sunglass things on to shield my eyes which are all of a sudden uber sensitive to the light. I hadn't eaten yet because of all the commotion of the morning. So what do I do...that's right I get fast food. I know I can't work out that evening, so fast food is exactly what I should be eating isn't it? I didn't just get fast food I went all out. I got a greasy cheeseburger with fried onions...and chili cheese fries. God this is embarrassing.

So I get home, work for a few hours (with my blurry vision and throbbing foot). Then Steve comes home and suggests we take a nap. I was all about it. I set my alarm, so I don't end up sleeping for an eternity when I needed to work after the nap. I lay down and I just can't get comfortable. My foot just felt so unsupported and like it was getting turned in ways that just didn't feel good given the morning's fiasco. So I get up and get an ace bandage. I strap that puppy on there over my sock and take some ibuprofen. I finally fall asleep. Then my alarm goes off, my foot felt like it was all constricted and I just had to get that ace bandage and sock off. I take it off, all is well and I get back to work.

I'm close to being done with work for the day and I ask Steve what he wants for dinner and he says pizza. Little bells go off in my head reminding me what a crappy lunch I had and that pizza is the last thing I need...but I ignore them. I go online order us a large pizza and a chicken parmesan sandwich. Now I only had one slice of pizza and half the sandwich, so it probably wasn't that horrible. Oh well.

So that's everything. I'm embarrassed that I ate that much crap food in one day, but there it is. I didn't want to mention it, but what's the use of this blog if I'm not going to be honest about my choices good, bad or ugly (in this case VERY UGLY). I'm off to a better start today and intend to stay that way. My foot still hurts, but slightly less than it did yesterday. I still don't think I can really exercise since I'm still limping and walking on the side of my foot so as not to put pressure on the part that's hurt. I just have to keep my calories low for the day and we'll see what happens at weigh in tomorrow. Ugh, two crappy weigh in weeks in a row.


  1. Aw, I'm so sorry you had such a terrible day! I hope your toe gets better very soon.

    Remember that you're changing your life and that you didn't get to your highest weight overnight and it won't be an overnight change to get where you want to be.

    We all have bad days and slip ups, it's okay!

  2. Tania, if it helps at all- I have been a complete coward by avoiding my blog for days because I'm so ashamed of still not losing barely any weight in like 3 WEEKS!

    Every day can't be perfect. Hell- I had like 5 beers last night. the trick is just moving on and not beating yourself up about it...AND we have each other to keep plugging away with :)

    p.s. i bet it was delicious :)

  3. Thanks guys. I've already moved on from my bad food day and am making good choices today. My foot is feeling a little better although it is quite swollen. Hopefully by next week I'll at least feel comfortable enough to hop on my stationary bike. I can't wait to get back to the treadmill though. I have a feeling that my first week where I can run like 3 times I'll have a killer weigh in.