Friday, May 21, 2010


This is my 100th post!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! I weighed in this morning at 186.2 lbs...I was soooo close to meeting my 20 lb goal. Oh well, I'll hit it next week, but dang. I weighed and re-weighed myself like 5 times. Lol. I tried expelling all the air in my belly, then I tried sucking in and standing as straight as I could, then I tried going pee, but alas it stood firm at 186.2 lbs. You can't blame a girl for trying. My BMI is now 27.9 which is awesome! I just keep inching closer and closer to my goal. I really can't ask for more than that.

Ok, so in celebration of my 100th post I'm setting a goal for myself this week. When it comes to exercise I've been slacking and I really want to get my butt in gear. So I'm setting a goal for myself to bike 100 miles between now and next weeks weigh in. I really want to kick my butt in gear and see a decent loss. Steve and I have already talked about going for an outdoor ride this weekend, so I'm thinking I'll try and talk him into going for a ride on the Monon trail again tomorrow but this time I want to go all the way up to the top. That's about a 30 mile ride. It shouldn't be a problem at all considering I just did that distance on my stationary bike. Steve will be stoked. He's been wanting to ride the full length of the trail, so he'll be excited that I'll now be willing to do it. After that ride I should have about 70 miles left and that should be easy peasy. Who knows, maybe I'll even throw in a little weight training too.

I definitely want to get back into weight training. Our home gym isn't set up right now. We had to disconnect one part, because we were missing a nut and bolt for another part and we needed to match it. We got the new nuts and bolts but have yet to put things back together. It should be relatively easy, so that'll be another project for this weekend. My friend's wedding is only 3 weeks away, so it'd be a good idea to get to work on my arms since the dress is strapless. Speaking of the dress...I still haven't gotten mine. It's supposed to arrive either today or Monday so I'll just have to be patient. However, I spoke with another big busted bridesmaid last night and she had some MAJOR issues. She couldn't even get close to zipping her dress up around her boobs. She says it's like it was made for an A cup, which we are both very much not. On top of that there's not enough fabric to let it out, so her seamstress has to go shopping for extra fabric. She's going to try to match it and she's going to add the extra fabric on either side underneath the arms. If she can't match it she's going to go for a similar fabric in black since there's this black belt on the dress. Ugh. I really hope I don't have to do that, but she gave me a heads up since at first she was freaked out and she wanted to give me a plan of attack should I have the same problem with my dress, so we can at least do the same thing. Lol, honestly having big boobs is not all it's cracked up to be let me tell you. My measurements are currently 1.75 inches less in the bust than the measurements on the sizing chart, but we'll see.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend planned. We're going to have that bike ride and then we're also planning to get sushi, which should be a lot of fun. It'll just be Steve and I, but we always have a nice time when we go there so I'm really looking forward to it. Tonight we are stopping by Performance Bicycles to see if there's anything we need that we can use a 10% off coupon that we got in the mail. Have an amazing weekend!

***Edited*** Steve just weighed in and he lost 1.6 lbs for a total of 3.2 lbs in the two weeks he's been doing weight watchers with me. I'm so proud of him!


  1. congrats on sticking with it for 100 posts!

    Good luck on the 30 mile ride and for the 100 as a whole. This should definitely get your butt in gear :)

    with all that riding, i'm sure that you'll at least feel it.

  2. Oh, I know I'll feel 100 miles in a week after a few weeks of slacking, but I know I can take it. ;-)