Thursday, May 13, 2010

Biking Galore and Puppy Graduation

Steve and I went for a great bike ride last night. It was kind of a last minute thing, but the great thing this time of year is how late it stays light out! We were out cycling until 9pm and it was just starting to get slightly darker. We cycled on the Monon trail. We used to live in a different area of Indianapolis and we were only about a block from the trail, so we could just hop on our bikes and ride to the trail and then just go for it. Now, however, we've got about a 25 minute drive to get us to the trail so we have to load up all our gear and our bikes and drive to the trail.

We started at 16th Street and rode up to 86th Street and back and that was about 18 miles total. It took us a little under an hour and a half, so not too shabby. One of these days we'll ride all the way up to where the trail ends and back and that'll be a little over 30 miles. We'll just have to do that on a weekend when we have a little more time and a little more daylight. It feels really good to know that I am more than capable of doing that. I think back to when I started this whole journey and the idea of doing 15 or 20 miles just sounded impossible and now I'm willing and able to do double that.

On Tuesday of this week I had my puppy Dot's graduation from the intermediate training class. She's still a little pain in the ass (which somehow makes her more loveable at times), but she did a great job and graduated. Here's a pic from her graduation. :-) Not the best picture of me after wrestling that cap onto her head and multiple attmepts at getting a good shot of her, but she looks adorable. I think it'd be safe to say she's a happy dog. It's great being a pet parent!

Check back tomorrow for my weigh in!!!!


  1. Ahhhh....she does look happy. She's got a big ole cheesy smile. What a cute picture. I'm a proud dog mommy too.

    You're looking pretty darn good yourself there. Your chin and neck look thinner.