Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guacamole Hummus/Biking Challenge

Has anyone out there tried Trader Joe's Guacamole Hummus? OH MY GAWD (Friend's reference anyone?)!!! It added some major flavor to a turkey sandwich I made today. I happen to love both guacamole and hummus, so this combo was right up my alley. On top of that it's just 50 calories (or 1 point if your a ww) for 2 Tbsp and you can't beat that. This will definitely be a new staple in my house.

One other thing I made recently that was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G was some boneless country style pork ribs. Usually I'll use barbecue sauce when I make ribs, but this time I decided to go a little heavier on the spices and see if I needed to add sauce after they were cooked. Turns out...sauce was completely unnecessary. I used a No Salt Mrs. Dash blend and generously poured that onto the ribs with a little salt and some pepper. Then I rubbed it in real good, flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side so it was coated in spices. I heated up the good old George Foreman grill and got to cooking. It was probably the best meat dish I've ever made! I should have taken a picture because they looked as yummy as they tasted. We devoured those ribs and just paired them with some veggies to keep the rest of the meal more low cal. I think I need to go to the store and pick up some more ribs!

On a completely different note, I was thinking last night about the Biggest Loser challenge where they had to cycle 26.2 miles on a stationary bike. I have done 20 miles numerous times, so I have no doubt about being able to handle it. Decision made! Tonight after work, in roughly an hour, I will begin this cycling challenge I set for myself and will cycle 26.2 miles. Who knows, if I'm feeling good I may up it to 30 miles! Have you set any major physical challenges for yourself? If not, I say set one! Push yourself to do something you think (thought) you aren't capable of. You can do this!

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