Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Crap!

I had THE best weekend! Friday afternoon started out with us taking the puppies to check out this doggy daycare/boarding facility. It was awesome! They truly seem to love dogs, but I wouldn't expect much less from this kind of a place. The dogs were in heaven cause they had to do a temperament check which consisted of us leaving them there for an hour to meet and play with the other dogs. We picked them up and they were worn out from just that hour at the doggy daycare. Imagine how worn out they'll be if we board them there for a few days! Anyway, the place was great and the dogs loved it, so we're ecstatic to have found such a great place to board our dogs when it's necessary. And the fact that being part of the doggy daycare is included in the boarding price is just phenomenal. Other places made you pay extra for your dogs to be able to play in their doggy daycare. It just makes sense to include it to me.

Then on Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for our ride. We ended up riding a total of 33.53 miles! It was definitely harder than being on the stationary bike. Endurance-wise I was fine, but my shoulders were really feeling it toward the end since I was bent over the whole time and I'm a bit more upright on my stationary bike. Not completely upright, but just not the same angle as on my road bike. It felt great though. I was very proud of riding the whole trail. We had both brought two bottles of water which we drained and ended up having to pick up more water on the way home. I was definitely dehydrated! It was a great ride, though, I really felt accomplished.

After the ride we went home, showered and loaded up the puppies to take them to the dog park. We spent probably 45 mins or so walking around with the dogs while they ran and played. We wanted them to tire themselves out as much as we were. It's always fun watching them run around.

After that we stopped by the grocery store for Steve to pick up some things so he could cook me dinner. We went home, popped open a couple of beers and I just sat at the dining table and watched him cook. I was reflecting on the great day and was just in the absolute best mood. Steve started me off with some Shrimp Bisque. He added some fresh parmesan shavings to the bowl before serving it to me. He followed that up with some green beans that he cooked in garlic and butter. They were really yummy! He told me later that he made those because he knows how much I like the green bean fries at Friday's (although I haven't had those in ages since I know they are far from healthy) and he thought they might remind me of those. Then the main entree was steak, risotto that he served in a tomato that he had scooped out the insides topped with parmesan shavings and baked, and finally some asparagus. It was a ton of food, but he had definitely pulled out all of the stops. Right before we began eating he pulled out a certain little black box and PROPOSED!!! Talk about the perfect ending to the perfect day! Honestly I couldn't be happier. I love him to death and can't wait to marry him and start a family! For those of you that want to see here's the ring. I've always said that once we get engaged the ring will be my visual reminder to make healthy choices. This change I'm making is a lifestyle change, but getting fit for my wedding is now just an additional incentive.

I hope you all have an amazing week!