Friday, May 28, 2010

Weigh In!!

Steve and I had our weigh ins this morning. I actually wasn't sure what to expect to be honest, because last night we helped some friends move and afterward partook in some beer and pizza. And the pizza they got was meat, meat and more meat...including bacon. So yeah, sodium city. When I got home I chugged some water to hopefully flush some of that out of my system. Anyway, to the important item at hand, I weighed in at 184.8 lbs!! I'll definitely take that. I was hoping it'd be closer to 2 lbs lost, but as long as it's a pound or more each week then I'm happy. I knocked my next two goals out of the ballpark! I've lost more than 20 lbs and more than 10% of my starting weight! It feels good. I'm only 3.8 lbs away from my next goal. If I'm lucky I'll get it done in 2 weeks, but it's more likely to happen in 3 which is completely ok. And then there's Steve. He weighed in and lost 3.2 lbs!!! Must be nice being a guy. Lol. He eats more than me, exercises the same amount and loses more. Although at this point he's got more to lose as well. Overall, he's lost 6.4 lbs. I'm very proud of him. :-)

Next up are my measurements. No huge changes for me. A lot of stuff has stayed the same since the last time I did my measurements at the end of March. Anyway, here's the new measurements with the change since last time:

Neck: 13.0 (-0.25)
Bicep: 12.0 (no change)
Forearm: 9.75 (no change)
Chest: 41.25 (no change - Grrrr...this is one of the one's I REALLY want to go down)
Waist: 36.0 (no change...see above)
Hips: 43.0 (-0.5 Success!!)
Thigh: 23.25 (-0.25)
Calf: 14.75 (+0.25 - all that cycling I guess?)
Total: 193.0 (-0.75)

Like I said, a lot of stuff didn't change and my calves even went up (likely muscle though) and I'm perfectly ok with that. I am making progress and that's the important thing. Here's the month by month breakdown of what I've accomplished thus far:

December: 4.8 lbs lost and 4 inches lost
January: 4.2 lbs lost and 5.25 inches lost
February: 5.0 lbs lost and 5.5 inches lost
March: 3.6 lbs lost and 2 inches lost
April: 3.6 lbs lost and 0.75 inches lost

One reason I think I didn't see as much change in the inches department is because I haven't done much weight training lately. I really need to make sure to include weight training in my routine. I think Steve will really like it once he starts, but right now all he wants to do is cycle, cycle, cycle.

Speaking of cycling I set a goal for myself to cycle 100 miles this week. I actually ended up doing 95.01 miles. I was so close! A friend asked Steve and I to help them move last night or I would have been over the 100 mile goal. But what can you do. Life happens. I'm proud of those 95 miles that I cycled this week.

This next week I'm going to shoot for cycling 3 times and weight training 2 times. I just wanted to say that I'm so happy with how things are going. My level of fitness is definitely improving. People are noticing the changes. I'm feeling good about myself. You just can't beat that.

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