Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back on the horse

I exercised today!! Finally! It's been like 3 weeks since I've exercised, so it was a long time coming. I rode on my stationary bike for an hour and did 15 miles. Nothing mind blowing, but it felt good. Also, I did the majority of it at a higher resistance level than I ever have before. I actually did the ride on my lunch break and I don't know why I don't do that more often! I've always thought about doing it and just never have. I mean, I work from home for god's sake. You can't get a much better gig in terms of wanting to work out on your lunch break, since afterward I can shower and then I don't have to worry about hair or makeup or anything. Anyway, here's me after my ride.

Tonight after work we are going to Home Depot to get a few items to fix up the last of our little projects around the house. Then we'll get the house cleaned and have the photographer come take pictures. That'll get me that much closer to selling the house a moving forward with my life. I'm going to Milwaukee this weekend to spend the 4th with my best friend. What are you all doing for the 4th of July?


  1. Nice job on the bike ride. I would love to ride a bike for that long and log the miles, but to be honest...bikes hurt my "girly parts". Great job working in your exercise during your work day. How nice to work from home and be able to do that stuff.

  2. Nice job on the ride! You did it!