Thursday, June 24, 2010


The realtor is supposed to be coming tomorrow to do a walk through so we can hopefully put the house on the market, but what do we discover today...the air conditioning unit on the second floor is leaking and water is dripping down into the kitchen on the first floor. Of course it is, of course this would happen right now!! Talk about bad timing. Needless to say all of a sudden I'm stressed out! We're changing the walk through to Monday and we're going to try and figure this whole air conditioning thing out. This is just the last thing I need to deal with. Especially considering it's a million degrees outside and now we can't use the air conditioning. Go figure. My gut instinct is to go out and get some crappy food to bury the stress, but instead I'll go downstairs and make myself a healthy lunch. Just pray that we figure this out and that it doesn't cause any problems and doesn't put a hitch in this whole process. Ugh.

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