Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weigh In and Wedding!

I weighed in this morning.  It's a day earlier than usual as I said it would be since we had to drive up to Wisconsin for my friend's wedding.  Let's get to the weigh in, though.  One less day than usual and I weighed in at 183.6 lbs!!  I've lost 3 pounds since last week!  Steve and I were really diligent about tracking points.  There isn't one day that went by where I didn't track my food and obviously it paid off.  I really wanted to make up for my bad week last week and I'm proud to say that I did.  

I have only 2.6 lbs to go until I reach 25 lbs lost!  I know my weight loss has been very slow going coming to an average of less than a pound a week and I'm sure it'd be more interesting to read about if it was coming off faster, but the fact is that this isn't easy for me.  I struggle with motivating myself to exercise regularly and to cook and make healthy choices.  But the fact is I'm making progress.  Things are moving in the right direction.  I may stumble and have set backs, but I keep getting myself back on track.  The fact that I've been doing this for a little over 6 months now and haven't given up is great.  Yes, I wish I were farther along, but I'm doing my best and I'm sticking with it.  3.8 lbs to go and my BMI will be in the 26's!  I'm getting there slowly but surely.

My friend's wedding is this Saturday.  We checked into our hotel tonight and are very pleased with the accommodations.  It's going to be a nice little getaway for us.  For once we don't have any pets to worry about, just ourselves.  However, this is the first time we've left the puppies with someone else and it is very weird.  I was definitely more sad than I expected to be when we dropped them off at the boarding facility/doggy daycare.  I know they'll take good care of them and that they'll have a blast, but what can I say they are my babies.  The good news is that the place has a Facebook page and takes videos of the doggies playing and posts them.  So even though we don't have them with us we can virtually check up on them.  :-)

Now about that wedding.  I've mentioned before that we had issues with the bridesmaid dresses coming in late.  We didn't get them until the end of May (2 months late).  I took the dress straight to the seamstress as soon as I got it.  It needed to be let out a little around the rib cage and brought in a teeny bit at the top to keep my bust from toppling out and they also needed to add a lace modesty panel.  Well, first off we got our wires crossed on when I needed the dress.  I told her the absolute last date I could pick it up was the 10th (today), so that's what she wrote on her ticket.  Then we brought in a suit for Steve a couple days later.  She had his suit done in a matter of days.  When we picked up his suit I inquired about my dress.  She mentioned the date it was supposed to be done was the 10th and I re-explained that was the last date I could pick it up, but if I could get it sooner that would be better.  This was last Saturday and they were closed Sunday and Monday, so she said she'd have it done for me on Tuesday.  I show up on Tuesday and she had forgot she pushed the date forward, so she asked me to come back the next day.  I came back the next day and the dress felt tighter than it had when I dropped it off!  She's nothing but nice, so I wasn't mad just a little stressed considering the time constraint issue.  She said they'd fix it and I could come back around 6pm the time they close.  I get there at 10 to 6 and they were just finishing up the dress.  I try it on and it's still tight, but she tells me they let it out as much as they could.  I'm nervous about it being tight, but what can I do.  I pay for the dress and leave.  Now, let me tell you, since I got the dress back it has stressed me out to no end!  I just don't want it to end up tearing or something during the wedding.  I can deal with being uncomfortable I just don't want it to be a problem.  If she would have worked on the dress earlier we may have been able to come up with a solution to add just a teeny bit of fabric to make it fit, it's thisclose to fitting.  But since it wasn't done till the last minute we didn't have time.  Let's just hope the dress makes it through the day...


  1. Way to go on the weight loss!! Have a great weekend and lots of fun at the wedding. :)

  2. Great job tracking and losing the weight. Slow weight loss is good!!! Keep it up!!