Monday, June 7, 2010

What a Weekend!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I definitely did. It was busy, but fun. My friend's getting married next weekend, so there's last minute wedding stuff that we're trying to take care of. My dress was dropped off at the seamstresses the day after I finally got it (after it arriving 2 months late). It's been a week and a half and she said it should be ready tomorrow. It's a little stressful having to wait until the last minute, but it practically fit the way it was so I'm sure it'll be fine. If not, I'm confident she's the kind of seamstress who would immediately fix it. She knows that the wedding's out of town and the date we're leaving (Thurs morning), so it should be fine.

Steve also had to get a suit tailored. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but we found a suit for him at a thrift store for $19! Then we spent $40 for the seamstress to fix a few things. There were some slight issues with the coat. It fit fine, but we just wanted her to clean up the lining where it was coming undone in some places and the seam in one area. Really just small fixes with the coat. The pants had to be let out a little in the waist, hemmed a wee bit and finally just altered them to make them more of a slim leg versus it being kind of boot cut when we got it. The suit also included a vest, so she had to let that out as much as she could, but there wasn't much fabric for her to work with so it's still just a touch too small so Steve won't be wearing it. All in all the suit looks amazing! She said that if he would have bought that suit new it would have been $450-$500!! Yeah, I'd say we got a pretty good deal. We're planning to do the same thing for his wedding suit. He'll probably get a new shirt and tie (although he's literally got hundreds of ties, so maybe he won't get a new tie - he collects them). It'll be fine trying to find another awesome suit out there on the cheap. :-)

Other than that we just had a few other errands to run. We had to get the dogs a new dog bed, since we're boarding them while we're away for the weekend and the ones we had were starting to get kind of grungy. I had to find a place that I'd be able to get my nails done at before we leave for the wedding. We had to find a dry cleaner to take Steve's suit to after we had picked it up from the seamstress. Just a lot of busy work running around. That's what happens when you move to a new state, you have to find all new places.

Other than that it's just life as usual. We're counting points and exercising (we're going to ride 25 miles tonight and tomorrow if weather permits), so we should definitely see a loss this week. Last week we just made a lot of bad decisions. It's funny how you can let a holiday put you in this mind frame where you keep making excuses and making bad choices beyond the holiday. That's life I guess. We're all learning here and there will be times where we'll make good choices and times where we'll make bad ones and for me that was a time for bad ones.

I'll leave you with a few pet related things. If you're not a pet lover feel free to skip this last part. :-) We got this great water bowl stand. It was made by a guy that works at the daycare/boarding facility we'll be keeping our dogs at while we're gone. Apparently he used to be in construction, so he's got woodworking experience. It was $30, but well worth it. It was unfinished when we first looked at it and he cut it a little shorter so it would be the right height for our dogs and he also stained it this color which matches our kitchen cabinets. Honestly, it was a great buy. Basically every time I filled the puppies water dish they'd decide to play in it and there'd be water everywhere. This is no longer a problem.

This is a picture of our cat Toby. He absolutely loves sleeping/hanging out next to our patio door. Then every time we put the dogs out he tries to sneak outside with them. He can be a pain, but he's cute as all get out so what can you do.

Then there's Boo boo our angry old man. I was wearing this sweater and he just kept kneading me and poking me with his claws and thoroughly driving me nuts. Then I was warm, so I took off the sweater and he just passed out on top of it. It was quite cute. He may be a bit bipolar, but when he's like this he's just a great cat.

Well those are all of my pet hi-jinks for today. I hope you're all having a great week.

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