Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When I started this blog I said that I wanted to get back to the person that I used to be. I think I've made some major strides toward that, one hard, but necessary thing, being the break up. I feel much more like "me" than I have in a long time. However, being single again and living in Indiana in a big house all by myself leaves me with a TON of time to do whatever it is I'd like to do. I don't have to check in with anyone or make plans based on someone else's wants or needs. I can just focus on my own wants and needs. That's definitely a freeing thing.

One thing all of this free time has helped me realize is that I'm not doing anything to foster the hobbies I used to have. So many times over the past few years people would ask me what my hobbies were or what I did for fun and I felt like I never had a real answer. I would think of the things that I used to do, but it just wasn't something I made a priority in my day to day life, which is sad. I had fallen so far away from doing the things that truly make me happy and it felt impossible to get it all back.

I'm going to start to work toward changing that. I do have things that I truly enjoy doing that really make me happy. One thing that I've always held onto is reading. Every night before I go to bed I read. What I read is not this amazing literature that's going to change the world, but I read trashy romance novels and murder mysteries and I'm ok with that. It helps to just be able to lose yourself in a story and forget about all of life's problems for a period of time and that's what reading does for me. I can guarantee that for the rest of my life I will read and it will very likely be a trashy romance novel on my bedside table.

There are a few hobbies that I was a part of in the past that I'm going to work toward bringing back into my life. The first is dancing. I absolutely love dancing. Dancing is another one of those things for me where I can let go of all my inhibitions and just "be". I took dance from the time I was 5 and even taught for a few years in high school and was part of a traveling dance troupe. Then college came along and I was much busier and I took the occasional dance class, but since the arts were not my area of focus it just kind of fell to the wayside. Then it was kind of funny, because I had gained some weight and I stopped dancing because I didn't feel comfortable next to a lot of the other dancers since they were mostly fit. It was funny, because it was kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. I didn't dance because I was overweight, but if I had danced maybe I wouldn't have been overweight. Dancing is a great thing for me to get back into, because it accomplishes two goals at once. It gets me additional exercise in which will help me get to the healthy weight I want to be at and at the same time it'll make me happy because I'll be doing something that I truly love that'll just make my soul happy. Now I need to get out there and see if I can find a belly dancing class or a hip hop class or something fun like that!

One other thing I'm going to start doing more of is painting. Now, I've never taken any sort of painting classes (although I've always wanted to), so I am about as much of a novice as I could possibly be. However, I find true joy out of painting. My thought is this, I'll start painting for fun and see where that takes me. Then once I move to Milwaukee I'll see if there are any painting classes I can take to help me learn a little about this hobby I know nothing about, but enjoy.

One last hobby that I love, probably more than anything else, is singing. Now the problem here is I don't know what to do about this hobby other than singing in the shower or singing in my car (which I already do of course, lol). This is a hobby that it's not exactly easy to keep going as an adult, unless you're religious and want to sing as part of a church choir (which I'm not) or you're looking to do it on more of a professional level. I'm not sure what exactly I can do to foster this hobby, but I'll definitely put some thought into it and see if I come up with anything.

So those are some of my plans for the near future. Do you have any hobbies you let fall to the wayside that you'd love to reclaim?

I went to this great little market yesterday! Basically it's a year round indoor farmer's market, or at least that's how they refer to themselves. It's this little storefront that has tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, pies, honey, bread, cheese, etc. Everything comes from local farms and is wonderfully fresh and flavorful. It's a little bit of a drive from my house, but totally worth it. Plus they gave me this cute wooden basket to take home all of my wares. :-) I got peaches, blueberries, blackberries, goat cheese, a yellow onion, a red onion, a couple heirloom tomatoes, a regular tomato, a green zucchini, a yellow zucchini, a cucumber and some lettuce.

This morning I decided to make a yummy breakfast using the fresh blueberries I picked up last night, so mixed together oatmeal, vanilla greek yogurt, blueberries and walnuts. It was fantastic!

That's all for now. I hope you're all having a great week!


  1. I've always said you should try out for American Idol.

  2. I'm proud of you for going forward with your hobbies! You are definately heading in the right direction with your life.

  3. Totally feel you there, I feel like I don't have nearly enough hobbies as where I used to have so many. I've recently re-acquainted myself with sewing for myself and reading.