Friday, July 23, 2010

Weigh In

I weighed in this morning at 182.4 lbs. That's a 0.6 lb loss since last week. Nothing huge, but hey, it's a loss, so I'll take it. :-) I need to really focus on exercise these next two weeks or so, because I'd love love love to get down to the 170's. My low weight last time I attempted to lose weight was 176.5 lbs, so I can't wait to surpass that. I got there way faster than I am this time around, but this time I think it'll stick. So even though it's taking a while I don't think I'll end up putting the weight back on again. I just won't. Anyway, I'm hoping to get into the 170's over the next two weeks or so. That would mean I'd have to lose an average of 1.3 lbs per week. I can do this!

On another note I had some great food yesterday. In the afternoon I was feeling hungry, so I decided to have a more substantial snack. These shrimp were actually huge! I had 5 shrimp and a sweet chili sauce to dip them in. I only used half of the sauce in the picture. It was a great snack and it was only 130 calories.

Then for dinner I wanted to use up some lettuce in my fridge that was going to go bad if I didn't eat it, so I made a huge salad. I washed and chopped up the lettuce, chopped up half an orange heirloom tomato and a little red onion. Then I cooked a chicken breast on my George Foreman grill and chopped that up. Finally I topped it off with this peanut vinaigrette dressing I have. The whole thing was just 266 calories. Not too shabby!

I've really been making an effort to track my sodium and keep sodium levels down and it's much harder than I thought. I'm shooting to keep it under 2000 mg a day. That is NOT easy. The first day I had nearly 4000!!! There were a few things I ate that contributed to it being that high. The Fiber One pancake mix had 440 mg, pasta had 488 mg, some light italian dressing (that I LOVE) had 720 mg, some turkey lunch meat had 632 mg, meatless meatballs had 608g and finally a piece of naan had 390 mg. It was just crazy to me how much sodium was in some of these items. I did much better yesterday, but it's definitely something you have to be conscious of or it's so easy to go over.

I guess that's all for now. I hope you all have something fun planned this weekend!


  1. Oh my lord, seriously? I want to lick my computer screen. Those shrimp looked AMAZING.

  2. Lol, I know, right? They were ginormous!

  3. Yep, I watch the sodium, too. It has made a huge difference!