Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yummy Eats and High Blood Pressure?

I made the most amazing dinner last night. I grilled these boneless pork ribs. They were soooo good! All you need with these bad boys is a little salt free spice rub and they are good to go. On the side I made a cold pasta salad. I made some spaghetti and while it was cooking/cooling I chopped up a cucumber, a tomato, a little bit of red onion and some goat cheese. Then I mixed it all with a little light italian dressing. Yum!

I also got in some cycling last night. I did 20 miles in 81 mins. That's just under 15 mph. Nothing mind blowing, but it was a decent ride. It felt good to be active.

Finally, this morning when I woke up I just wanted a warm breakfast. I used some Fiber One pancake mix and added some frozen blueberries and made one big blueberry pancake with a little light syrup. I also had like a cup of fresh blueberries on the side.

One thing I wanted to mention is that I've been having blood pressure issues. I've gone to the doctor and it's normal and I've gone again and it's at the low end of high, so my doctor suggested over the next few weeks I test myself sporadically and then go see her with the results. So while I'm doing these random tests I'm also going to track my sodium intake and make sure I exercise daily. The last thing I want is to be told I need to go on blood pressure meds, so I need to do what it takes to get myself to where I need to be so that these high blood pressure readings no longer happen.

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