Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I didn't even realize that at my last weigh-in I reached my next goal! I've officially lost 25 pounds! Things may be moving slowly, but they're still moving. I weighed in on Friday and my weight stayed the same this week. Friday night was my friend's birthday, so here are a few fun pics from the weekend.

I don't have a full body pic of my outfit the second night, but here's a pic I took of me in my smokin' hot shoes. :-)

And a head shot with my friend, Katie. :-)

And last but not least a pic of my dogs snoozing on their dog beds. Gotta love the pups!

I really need to find myself a Zumba class here in Appleton! I was on such a high after taking that class when I was living in Indy, so it'd definitely be good for my well-being to take one while I'm staying here. Although, I pulled a muscle in my lower back (the third time in 3 years...this can't be normal at my age), so I need to take it easy for a couple days till it's feeling better.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend and here's to a great week!