Monday, November 22, 2010

Belated Weigh In

I didn't post on Friday, but I did weigh in. I stayed the same. Big shocker. With my back problems I've definitely let everything go down hill. Honestly, I'm lucky I haven't gained weight! I've been eating crappy food for a while now and I can definitely feel it. I really need to re-focus myself and get a handle on my eating and exercising.

I did go to the gym I was thinking about joining. I'm on the fence. I absolutely love zumba, so I wanted a gym that offered a zumba class. According to zumba's website this gym does. Then on the gym's website it said they offered Pilates as well. Those are the 2 classes I really wanted to have available to me and then of course cardio and weight equipment. The gym was nice and clean and everything, but they do not offer either of these classes right now. Also, the area where they do the classes that they do offer is not an actual room, but just a corner of the gym where people using equipment could just be staring at you. And when there isn't a class going on this is the stretching area of the gym. My dilemma, I guess, is if I just suck it up and just do cardio, weight training and stretching on my own since they do have good equipment and the price is definitely right. I think I'll just have to do a little research to see if there are any other zumba or pilates classes in my area and see what makes the most sense.

In the meantime I think I'll just utilize my bike and cycle every day to start burning some more calories, so hopefully I can see a loss before my 1 year anniversary which is just 8 days away.

Does anyone have any breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas that they'd like to share? I want to switch to eating more whole foods and would love to get some meal ideas so that hopefully I will feel like I have more choices at my meals and be able to stick with a more "whole" meal plan. I love fruits and veggies, so there's no issue with me being a picky eater or anything. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My back is, unfortunately, as bad as ever. I've been going to the chiropractor for about a week and a half now and haven't really seen any improvement yet. In fact, it seems to be even worse at times. I had an appointment yesterday and since it had gotten quite a bit worse over the weekend, she did ultrasound therapy in addition to what she typical does. I'm not sure what the other thing she does is called, but she puts these little pads on my back that are hooked up to a machine that runs little electrical currents through my muscles to break up the muscle spasm. The ultrasound is supposed to emit a deep heat (although it only feels slightly warm on your skin) to break up the muscle spasm.

They also do massage at this office, so today I will be getting a half hour massage and then have another treatment with the chiropractor. My back is just messed up and it definitely makes me not want to work out in any way, although, I know I should because the more I move the better it feels. It's stiff and uncomfortable at first, but it usually does feel a bit better after I exercise. I'm just not sure what I should or shouldn't be doing in terms of making my back better and not worse. Before I go in for the massage and chiropractor appointments I also have a doctor's appointment. Since moving to Milwaukee I have yet to see a doctor, so I decided I should get a primary care physician on board with my back issues as well (plus I just need to establish care with a doctor anyway, so I can handle any other issues that may come up). I found a nearby doctor and am going to see them this afternoon, just before my massage and chiropractic appointments. Hopefully I'll start to have some breakthroughs soon, because this sucks.

I still need to go to the gym and sign up for a membership, but since I moved to WI payroll had to mail me a paper check this pay period and I'm waiting on that and then I'll go check out the gym and hopefully sign myself up. I'm afraid to see what all these doctor bills are going to cost me. My insurance isn't great, but the fact is I've got to figure out what's going on with my back because life like this just isn't working for me.

Aside from all of that I had a great weekend. I went to Appleton to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday with her. It was a great time. This first pic is of me and my aunt Jen who has actually become quite good friends with my sister-in-law, Kristin. She's the youngest of all of my mom's siblings.

Then this picture is all of us girls, minus one, that went out that night. My sister-in-law, Kristin, is the one who's second to the left next to me. Then next to her is my aunt Jen again and Kristin's friend Laura. It was definitely a fun night. Nothing too crazy, just a nice night out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weigh In

I weighed in this morning at 177.2 lbs. So I'm still up a pound from my last weigh in. I found a gym near my new place that's just $20 a month and looks really nice from the pictures I saw online, so I'm planning to go check it out next week and hopefully get a membership. It'll be good to both get me healthy and help me meet people, since I still don't know a ton of people that live here in Milwaukee. They offer Zumba and I'm interested in seeing what other classes they offer. Their website also says they offer cardio kickboxing, yoga, spinning and martial arts; but it doesn't offer a full list of their classes online, even so that's a decent list in itself. I'm hoping they have Pilates to help my with my week core/back and improve on my back pain problem.

Tonight I'm driving up to my hometown with the dogs to stay at my mom's and hang with her and my little brother. It should be a good time. :-) Then tomorrow night I'm taking the dogs to the doggy daycare/boarding facility and going out with my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate her 28th birthday. I'm really looking forward to just going out and having a good time! It should be a good weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I need advice!

I know I already posted once today (I'm MIA and then twice in one day...go figure), but I need to get your opinions. I've been suffering with some bad back pain lately. I wake up in the morning and hobble around like a little old lady until my back muscles stretch out a bit, then it still hurts but at least I can walk where most people wouldn't notice the issue. When I'm sitting at my computer working pain shoots down my legs, not all day long, but enough to be frustrating. When I stand up after sitting for a while I again deal with a little bit of the old lady syndrome until my muscles stretch out. It's not debilitating, but it is majorly uncomfortable, although I do have a pretty high pain tolerance.

About a week ago I decided to try out going to a chiropractor. She told me that I do have a pretty significant muscle spasm in my back, mainly my lower back but she did say it goes into my upper back as well. So far I have been 3 times and while I love the sessions I can't help but wonder if it's really going to fix my problems. Should I go to the doctor and get a referral to see a physical therapist instead? Or perhaps I should just set up my own workout routine including things like pilates and yoga to help with the muscle issues? I've enjoyed my visits to the chiropractor's office, but honestly it's fairly expensive and I haven't noticed much of a difference yet except for the temporary relief directly following the appointment. I realize it's only been a week and I may just need to be patient. She said it could take up to a month to notice any significant difference. I'm just trying to decide if this is the right route for me? Or if there's anything specific I should be doing in addition to going to the chiropractor. I'd love for this to get better so I no longer need to go to the chiropractor, I'd rather it not be a weekly thing for the rest of my life, lol. Any advice would greatly appreciated, since I'd love to not be in pain all day every day.

Hey There!

I know I've been really bad about posting over the past few months. I've definitely let life get the best of me. Between moving, trying to get settled into a new city and a friend coming to visit for a week I've been busy and really haven't been focused at all. I want to re-focus myself and get my butt back in gear, so I can reach my goals.

My one year anniversary from when I started this blog is just 3 weeks from now! I know I haven't lost a ton of weight, but I'm still proud to be where I am compared with where I was a year ago. I weighed myself this morning and I am up a pound from my last weigh in, but considering I haven't been overly focused on weight loss (or even really maintenance for that matter) I'm proud that I've basically learned how to maintain. I've still got a ways to go, but in my adult life whenever I've lost weight before I've put it right back on once I stopped tracking. This time is definitely different for me.

To end my year with a bang I'm really going to push myself to exercise daily, take my dogs for walks, seek out some exercise classes (still looking for a zumba class in my area) and just try to make better food choices. We'll see what I can accomplish in these last 3 weeks. I'd love to get into the 160's, but that might be pushing it, so we'll see what happens.

I will do an official weigh in this Friday and get my butt back on track. :-)

Since I've been gone a while here are a few recent pictures. This first one is of my and my dog Dot. I decided to pick her up and of course the first thing she tries to do is lick my face.

This is a picture of the view of Lake Michigan (or as my friend said "that's not a lake, that's an ocean!" - she's from San Diego, lol) from the park that's less than half a mile from my house.

Here's a picture of my very first tattoo that I just got a week and a half ago! It's mostly healed now and I'm glad I got it. It signifies good luck in this new phase of my life where I'm single living in a new city.

Here's a picture of my great friend Tiffany (the one from San Diego) and I in Chicago. We took a day trip down there while she was here and had a great time.

Last but not least here's a picture of the really pretty necklace I bought for myself in Chicago. Who says you can't buy yourself a heart shaped necklace?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life is Precious

One of my great friends from CA flew in to visit me in Milwaukee. She got here last Tuesday and stayed until today. Right after she got here she got news from her mom that her grandfather had passed away in his sleep. She was working through the grief for that and then today she found out the guy she had been dating on and off for the past year died in a car accident last night. My heart absolutely breaks for her. I wish more than anything I could be there for her, but I had to put her on a plan to go back home today. It just reminds me of how precious life is...