Friday, March 18, 2011

Weigh In and Vegetarian Diet

First off, let me just say that I have been sick for the past week and I'm finally feeling normal again! I weighed in this morning at 170.6! I love seeing that number go down. I finally hit 35 lbs lost! The big change for me is that I've decided to start eating vegetarian a few days a week. I would have thought it'd be hard, but it really wasn't. I love fruits and veggies, so it's not like I had to choke down what I was eating. It was really just the mental shift of deciding that I was eating vegetarian and not letting it be an option for me to talk myself out of it. Plus I wanted to see if it would make a difference in my weight loss. I only did it for the past 2 days, so I'm going to see what a difference a few more days in the following week makes. I'm not ready to go full veg, but for the most part I'm perfectly satisfied. Mentally, this is a great thing, because I feel so good knowing the great choices I'm making.

I wanted to share a few of the great meals I've made. For lunch on Wednesday I had a salad with cucumber, red onion, grape tomatoes, cider vinegar, olive oil (which I think was unnecessary) and sweetener. The recipe is slightly different from what I made, I added in the tomatoes, used sweetener instead of sugar and only used 1 Tbsp of olive oil (although, like I said I don't think it was necessary). It was so good. Then for dinner I made a big pot of vegetarian taco soup. Check out the link for the recipe. It had pinto beans, black beans, corn, tomatoes, hidden valley ranch seasoning mix, taco seasoning, morning star crumbles and onions. For the canned items I got no sodium and for the taco seasoning I got reduced sodium. It would have been healthier, obviously, if I had used fresh beans and spices but I still think it was decent. Plus I split it into 6 really good sized servings for 316 calories each. That with a little sour cream (although it was good without it too) is great for lunch or dinner. Plus now I have some in the freezer for meals over the next week or so when I don't feel like cooking. Here's a picture:

Then last night for dinner I made a veggie stir fry. It had onion, mushrooms, zucchini and broccoli slaw. I had enough for 3 servings and I added a little sweet chili sauce to the portion I had for dinner last night. The whole thing with the sauce was just 150 calories and very filling. I'm going to try it with peanut sauce next and see how that tastes. I like how the broccoli slaw gives you this visual of it being like a noodle dish when it's all veggies. It really was the bomb.

Last, but not least, I cycled last night on my stationary bike (I need to take my road bike outside now that it's warmer) for an hour and I had a really good "glow" going so I had to take a pic. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank God For My Trainer!!

I've learned so many new exercises by working with my trainer. If nothing else I'll take some of these exercises with me to use in the future and also working with her made me more comfortable utilizing all my gym has to offer and that's priceless. I wanted to mention an exercise that I did last night that I'm in love with (and that has made me sore today). I'm the kind of person that really loves exercises that challenge me and that I know are going to make me sore. I'll always have to work hard on my core strength and balance because that's where I lack. Yesterday she had me do squats on a bosu ball.

Here's a video demonstrating the exercise. Let me tell you, it was HARD! But that's why I liked it. Every time I did a squat the ball was shaking like crazy. And after just a couple squats I could feel my butt and abs were fully engaged. Those are my two areas I want to work on. My abs to just have a stronger core and get rid of my spare tire and my butt because...well I have no butt, lol, so my hope is that by getting more fit I can make it look a little more shapely and not so non-existent. While my trainer said yesterday that I had "skinny girl limbs", which was great to hear, she was also quick to agree with me when I talked about having no butt, lol, ah well what can you do. You have to work with what you've got.

One other exercise we did yesterday that's something I've done a million times before, but forgot how beneficial it can be is dumbbell flys. Or "tree huggers" as my trainer liked to call them. My trainer made a comment about how this is good for your "bra fat" you get right by your armpit. That's not the main draw for me, though. I'm fairly large chested and I'd just like to strengthen my chest muscles to get my "girls" looking as perky as possible. Having a large chest can sometimes make me look heavier than I am, I believe, so I feel if I strengthen my chest then not only might I shrink a little but I'll just look more toned and that's my main goal. Also, I was using just 10 or 12 pound weights and I was literally shaking like crazy! I definitely worked my pecs to the max. (Did I really just say "to the max"? That reminds me of something from some 90's TV show or something...) Also, to kick this exercise up a notch I had my legs up in the air. So you lay down on the bench, put your legs straight up so that they're at a 90 degree angle to your body and just hold them there while you do your flys. This way you're incorporating your core while you're working on your pecs. This is one of my favorite things about my trainer, pretty much all of the exercises she has me do work multiple body parts at once, if not my whole body, so I get the most out of my workouts.

I really enjoyed sharing these exercises with you guys! I wish I had started this sooner and shared more of the exercises I've done with my trainer. I've got one more session with her, so I'll pick out a few of my favorite exercises I do with her in that session and I'll think back to some of my past sessions and see what other exercises I can remember and share the wealth. :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Telling Tall Tales?

Wow it has been a loooooooonnnnng time since my last post. Honestly my weight has gone up the past 2 weeks and it's made me not want to blog. I feel like if I'm not losing weight that I don't have much to talk about. I hate feeling like I'm coming off like I'm just spinning crap to whoever reads this dang thing. I'm certainly not telling tall tales, but that's just what it feels like when there isn't tangible progress. I've really made an effort in a lot of different areas of my health. I'm venturing outside of my comfort zone in my diet. I actually made salmon! And I didn't hate it! Don't get me wrong I don't hate salmon or any fish for that matter, but whenever I've tried cooking fish at home it's always turned out...fishy. I was at Trader Joe's last week and they had salmon that was marinated in honey mustard (I think?), so all I had to do was pop it in the oven. It was decent, nothing spectacular but I was able to eat it and I didn't hate it. I didn't really love it either, though. Any good salmon recipes out there? I tend to prefer honey glazed or teriyaki type salmon dishes. I have teriyaki marinade so maybe some day I should just try marinating a piece of salmon in it and then baking it. Anyway, I made this for dinner last Tuesday and took a picture of it. It's just the salmon and a bunch of fresh green beans cooked with garlic and nonstick butter spray.

I've also been working my ass off with my trainer. I really love every second of working out with her. I work out with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then on Fridays I meet up with a friend at the gym and I usually get one more day in on my own. I average about 4 days a week working out. Last Thursday my trainer decided to box with me and I LOVED it! There's definitely something very empowering about boxing. My arms were looking really toned afterward, so after I showered I had to take a picture. ;-)

I worked out with my trainer today as well and I have one more session and then I'm on my own. I'm really happy I did the training sessions, but it's not something I can afford to do over the long run. I've definitely gained a lot of strength and learned some new exercises that I'll use. I really need to kick my cardio into high gear. I think if I do that and really focus on my eating I'll start to see some major progress. The last two weeks I haven't done as much cardio as I should be doing. My trainer said I have "skinny girl limbs" - gotta love that - and that if I really focus on cardio while maintaining my strength training workouts I'll really start to see more changes in my midsection, which is where I carry all of my weight. I know I haven't been doing enough cardio and she definitely confirmed that I should be putting more work into that. With the weather warming up I'm looking forward to bike rides and walking my dogs and hikes and all of the fun warm weather things that I haven't been able to do for such a long time. But not far off is bathing suit weather and I really want to get closer to my goal weight before it gets here. It would mean so much to me to feel confident in a bathing suit and just in clothes in general. I've done a lot and made so much progress, but I'm capable of so much more if I just focus.

Also, I've discussed with my trainer eating vegetarian two days a week. This will definitely be a challenge for me, since I'm a very meat focused eater. It helps to branch out and try new things and I know this would be a very healthy thing for me to do. I started by making a list of possible breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks. I looked online for meal recipes and I also looked to some of the blogs I read for people that are vegetarian/vegan for ideas. It's very doable if I just think outside of the box of what is "normal" for me. I love fruits and vegetables, so that's not the issue, I just need to plan ahead.

Anyway, that's an update on what's going on with me. I will be posting my weigh-in again on Friday, good, bad or ugly. Also, on Thursday my trainer's going to weigh me in and do a body fat test to compare where I'm at versus where I was when I started with her. It's been approximately 4 weeks, so I'm interested to see if my body fat has gone down. We shall see!

***I just wanted to add this picture of me I took after I posted this. I did lots of shoulder work with my trainer today. :-)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weigh In - 3 lb loss!!!

I weighed in this morning at 171.2 lbs!!! I can't even tell you how good it feels to have had two significant losses in a row. I am officially only 4.8 lbs away from being at a healthy weight! God, that's huge. I can't even believe how close I am to that. Also, I haven't been in the 160's for over 5 years! At the end of 2005 I weighed around 165 lbs. I can't wait until I've reached/surpassed that point. That really will be huge for me. I just feel unstoppable right now. It's amazing.

Some reasons why I've seen more progress lately:
- Tracking my food every day
- Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet
- Eating well balanced meals
- Drinking lots of water
- Exercising ~4 times per week

So yeah, it's the pretty basic stuff that we all know we should do but don't always do. Lately I've just been doing all of it and it's paid off. I've also been working out with a new trainer that has made huge strides in helping to motivate me. Plus she kicks my ass in the gym. I was sweating so much's embarrassing. I officially need to bring a towel with me when I work out.

I have a fun weekend ahead of me, so I have to be wary of making too many bad choices. I don't ever want to live my life in such way that I'm not enjoying myself, but at the same time making healthy choices is important to me. I don't have dinner plans this weekend, so that gives me a good amount of control but I am meeting with friends for drinks a couple times. Any suggestions on what the best choices are? I know planning to drink heavily or anything crazy, but I do want to have a couple drinks, so I'd love to hear suggestions.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a Difference a Good Trainer Makes

I had the best day yesterday. You would have thought that since it was Valentine's day it wouldn't have been all that great, but frankly I wasn't too concerned with it. The day before, though...was rough. But that's life, there are good days and bad days and yesterday thankfully was a great day. I had a great food day yesterday.

Also, I worked out with a new trainer. And let me tell you, that was the best decision ever! My previous trainer was a young guy. I could tell he hadn't been training for long even before he eventually told me himself. Our sessions were almost always geared around squats. We never did any ab work and we rarely did upper body. The last time I saw him I asked if we could do upper body/abs and he immediately said of course. Now don't get me wrong, he gave me a great upper body workout but again no ab work. Plus it bothered me that he wasn't very motivating. He never took my weight or body fat or anything and never even asked if I had been making any progress. We worked out 6 times and he knew my goal was to lose weight and we never even talked about it. So between that and the fact that I was basically only getting a lower body workout I decided it was time to try someone new. Let me rephrase that, I felt bad about switching trainers, but my friend made me realize I needed to stop putting up with a trainer that wasn't giving me what I wanted and switch and actually get my money's worth.

I ended up getting switched to a female trainer. She's the same age as me and has been training for 10 years. She actually listened to me when I told her what I needed help with and when I expressed my concerns about the previous trainer. She didn't think at all highly of him and that made me so glad I switched, because if his coworker thinks he does a crappy job then clearly it was the right thing to switch. She actually took my weight and body fat down so that we can track my progress. Then we got to the workout. It was HARD!! I was dripping sweat from every part of my body and she literally worked EVERY PART OF MY BODY. What a difference. Also, she just listened to me when I told her what I needed and something about her made me feel comfortable enough to tell her what it is I need. I told her that I need to be constantly reminded to keep my abs tight, because for whatever reason I just forget about my midsection when I could be using it to stabilize me as I do other exercises. Numerous times throughout the workout she was reminding me to keep my core tight and use my stomach and back muscles more, so like I said, she listened. Then there was the added bonus of working out with a female trainer, she understands issues that women have that men obviously don't...sports bras, need I say more? She says there's a certain sports bra she swears by and she's a marathon runner, so she's going to email me the brand/type so I can try it out. Love that! Also, when she stretched me out she really did a great job pushing me, so I got a great stretch with her. The last great thing she did, she emailed me a workout plan this morning. Four weeks worth of the cardio she wants me doing plus of course my training sessions with her. And she wants me to keep a food log and bring it to the next session. So yeah, she's light years ahead of the other guy and I am so glad I have 6 more sessions (3 weeks) with her. Another bonus, she used to live in CA too and she also has 2 dogs, so we have a few things in common which is nice.

On another note, I don't usually do mid-week weigh-ins, but I was feeling good this morning about how I've been doing and decided to just check my weight and I'm already down a pound since Friday! I'm very happy with that. I can't wait to see what my weight will be on Friday. I hit 30 lbs lost last month and it looks like I might actually hit 35 lbs lost this month. That means I'd have lost 5 pounds in one month versus the 5 months it took me to lose the previous 5 lbs...yeah I'm definitely doing much better now. As of my weight this morning I'm only 7 lbs away from having a healthy BMI! I can't wait to hit that goal. Anyway, things are going well for me now and I'm stoked to continue on this path.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Goals, Goals, Goals!!!

I weighed in this morning at 174.2 lbs!!! I so needed to see that loss today, so I'm ecstatic. I've finally crossed over the hump where I have lost more than I have left to lose. I've also passed the 15% lost mark! I'm definitely finally breaking through some of my milestones. I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to set some goals for myself for the week and I did. Some are healthy living goals and some are just general life goals.

Healthy Living Goals:
- Track calories every day
- Put together a meal plan for the week
- Try a new recipe
- Cycle 30-45 miles
- Work out with trainer twice
- Find a dance class

General Life Goals:
- Clean/organize my office (this has needed to be done since I moved in 4 months ago)
- File taxes
- Put together a business plan
- Work on my painting
- Go to a coffee shop and read a book

That seems like a number of goals for one week, but honestly a lot of them won't take that much time. Plus it'll feel good to check some of these things off and feel like I'm moving forward with my life in a positive direction.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days. This one was taken last night after cycling 15 miles on my stationary bike.

This was some banana soft serve that I made a few days ago. Can you believe that is just banana in that dish?!?! There's nothing else in there. And I'm a girl who loves ice cream and creamy things, so this was right up my alley.

Last, but not least this is my dinner (and lunch today) that I made last night. It's a stir fry with 3.4 oz of chicken, 2 cups of broccoli, 1 zucchini, 1/4 c. of basmati rice and 6 Tbsp of this organic Honey Dijon marinade that I bought that's only 10 calories per tbsp. The marinade was a little too sweet, so I think I'll use half marinade half mustard next time to give it a little kick. I have this horseradish mustard that I think would taste really good with the marinade. I'll have to give it a try. :-)

Aside from that I worked out today with a friend of mine. I seriously get the best work out in when we work out together! I've only known her a couple months, but she's turning out to be a great influence on me. Having a workout buddy is huge, but I can also tell she's going to help me get my head in the right place when it comes to dating. She's a bit more no nonsense, not going to put up with a lot of crap, whereas I always want to give people the benefit of the a fault. She didn't like this last guy from the get go and she's made it clear that if I find another loser like him she won't be shy in letting me know I need to ditch him. Lol. It's good to have a friend that'll tell you how it is when they've got your best interests at heart. Especially with me being a bleeding heart who wants to help everyone and put everyone's needs before my own. She's exactly the kind of person I need in my life right now, so I am very grateful to have met her. Yay for good friends!!

I should be able to accomplish a number of my goals this weekend. Anyone want to accomplish some goals with me???

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Longer a Doormat

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life has been kind of crazy lately. It started with my weigh in on Friday and I gained again...177.2 lbs this time. And that was after counting calories and cycling on my stationary bike. I was frustrated and didn't really know what to say about it. Also, work has been hectic. It's been good because my work days have been flying by, but I've definitely had a lot going on.

The big thing, though, just happened a couple days ago. I've been in a casual relationship for a number of months now. I haven't talked about it, because frankly it wasn't a "real" relationship so I didn't feel comfortable blogging about it. Since he has a lot going on right now in his life and was likely going to be moving to another state in a few months he claimed he wasn't able to be in a serious relationship. We kept spending time together, confiding in one another about the various things going on in our lives and my feelings of course were growing. Since he wasn't willing to fully commit I told him I was going to start seeing other people since I wanted to be in a serious relationship, hence the couple of random dates I've mentioned.

We continued to see one another and I continued to be completely open about my feelings and how hard the relationship was on me. He would reassure me that he really did care for me and recently said he had a possible job opportunity that would keep him in Milwaukee, so a relationship could very well be in the near future for us. Even though we didn't see each other as often as I would have liked or really talk on the phone much, I believed the things I was told. Then a couple of days ago I saw online that he was "in a relationship". I was shocked! I wasn't even aware he was dating other people. He had been telling me that with everything in his life right now and the fact that he might be moving soon that a relationship just wouldn't be fair to him or the other person. Now it's crystal clear that he just didn't want to be in a relationship with me, but kept me around for companionship.

I'm feeling a lot of things. I'm angry that he couldn't have just been honest with me about how he felt about me. I'm angry that he didn't have enough respect to tell me about this new person, but instead I had to find out online. I'm angry that when we did talk about it he basically brushed me off saying he didn't need to tell me about this since we weren't in a relationship and I had been dating other people too (to clarify I went on two first dates with guys I met online that didn't go anywhere and I was completely honest with him about both dates). I'm angry that I thought our relationship was much more than it was. I'm angry with myself for opening up to someone who didn't deserve it. I'm frustrated with myself for not listening to my gut that told me months ago that he didn't feel the same way I did. Deep down I knew he didn't mean the things he told me, but for some reason I held on because I wanted to believe it. I'm frustrated with myself for letting someone so blatantly take advantage of my giving and understanding nature.

Even with all of these angry/hurt/frustrated feelings I have, I'm glad this happened. I'm grateful that I'm no longer going to put my energy into a "relationship" with someone that doesn't deserve me. I'm grateful that now I can be more open to finding someone who's actually going to make me feel good and give as much to me as I give to them. I'm grateful that my eyes have been opened to the kind of people that are out there and that I've learned to pay more attention to a person's actions and less to what's coming out of their mouth. I'm grateful that now I see how I let him take advantage of me and I won't do it again.

I could let this experience derail me or make me feel depressed, but that's no longer how I deal with my feelings. Instead of dwelling on being sad and irritated with myself I'm going to use those feelings to fuel my desire to really accomplish the things I want to do to make myself happy. I'm going to focus my energy on really pouring myself into healthy living. I do a lot of things right, but I definitely make some decisions that I shouldn't. I give myself too many cheat meals and they're obviously adding up since I'm not losing weight. I need to put more time into planning my meals ahead of time, so that I'm not as tempted to get takeout. Plus then I can try new recipes and find things to make at home that will satisfy me as much or probably even more than some of the takeout I eat.

I could put more time into working out, since I spend far too much time watching tv. I mean, I have a stationary bike for goodness sake. There's no reason I can't be putting more time in on it while I'm watching tv. And, of course, I need to continue working out with my trainer.

I also need to get out of the house more. I work from home, so that makes it harder to meet new people and I need to get out there more. Even if it's just heading over to a coffee shop to read a book and relax. I want to find at least one dance class to take since I LOVE dancing and I feel great when I'm dancing. Any time I take a dance class I always feel this surge of happiness from deep in my soul after I leave the class. It's a feeling that you can't really beat and I should spend more time doing things that make me feel that happy.

Painting is another thing I need to do more often. I have recently started another painting, so I'm already making strides on this. Also, I have some friends/family that have asked for a painting and that I want to do a painting for. I've already spent time coming up with ideas for each person so I have an idea of what I want to paint. Last but not least a friend and I have discussed a possible business idea. We're only in the research/planning phase, but it's an idea that we think has real potential. I've always wanted to start my own business, but never had an idea that I thought would really work. About six months ago I came up with this idea and told her about it. We're both fairly business minded women and she was genuinely impressed with the idea. Anyway, we both need to put a little work in to get things up and running. It won't take much money to start up, so that's obviously huge. If it works out it'll take some time before I'd ever make enough to quit my job or anything like that, but I'm excited to see where it goes.

All of these things are much healthier ways to be spending my time than what I've been doing in the last few months. They're things that are going to enrich my life and just make me a happier person and give me a brighter future. I really need to take this year to improve myself as a person and start accomplishing some of the things I need to accomplish for myself. I have definitely made significant progress in being a happier, healthier person since this time last year and I plan to make even more progress this year.

I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning as usual and work on setting some goals for myself for the coming week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Central!

It has been a crazy couple of days in these parts. The weather has been cold and windy and we've just gotten hit with a ton of snow! Me and the dogs spend most of our time doing this...

Both of the dogs like to just lay in front of the space heater when I have it on. Who could blame them? The other day I mentioned a salad I had made and I forgot I took a picture! That whole salad is just 253 calories. Not too shabby! It could have used some more veggies (rather than just lettuce), but it's all I had on hand at the time. The salad dressing is great, though, it's an organic garlic asiago dressing that's just 20 calories per tablespoon.

Since we've been hit with a bunch of snow and the gym isn't an option I decided to cycle last night. I did 20 miles in 74 minutes. Since I won't be leaving the house any time soon I'm planning to do 20 miles again tonight and tomorrow. :-) Here's a pic I took after I rode last night. Not the best picture of me, but oh well.

Finally, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of the crazy amount of snow we've gotten. This is how much snow there was along the side of the house...this is my entrance, so in order to come and go I have to go through here. I had to go to my car to get cat food out of my trunk and the snow came up to my waist!

Last, but no least, this is a picture of all the snow in the yard. That fence is 5 feet high! And that building back there is the garage...not that you could get to it through the side door. At least my dogs loved it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weigh In and Measurement Update

I weighed in today at 176.8 lbs. That's up a pound. Grrr...hopefully I'll post a 2 lb loss next week like I did last week. We shall see. I've been working my butt off at the gym. I worked out with my trainer twice. He always leaves me dripping with sweat, so god knows how many calories I burn in those workouts. Then I also worked out last Friday with a friend of mine. It ended up being a great workout. We did cardio, arms, abs and finished with a little more cardio. I definitely left there feeling wiped in a great way. We're working out again today at 2pm. We've decided we're going to be workout buddies and workout together every Friday she doesn't haven't to work (I think I mentioned that already?). Also, I worked out at home and cycled for an hour on Wednesday. On the workout front I'm doing great.

As for food I've done pretty well. I tracked most days and on days where I didn't track I was conscious of my choices. I definitely could have done better, but I had some great days as well. For example, here's what I ate yesterday:

1/3 c. oatmeal
1 banana
1 Tbsp peanut butter
10g chocolate chips
2 Tbsp cream

2 1/2 cups romaine lettuce
2 medium hard boiled egg whites (no yolk)
2.5 oz chicken
3 tbsp organic garlic asiago salad dressing (only 40 cals for 2 Tbsp)

1/4 c. walnuts

56g organic whole wheat penne pasta
1/2 c. heart smart spaghetti sauce
2.5 oz chicken
120g french style green beans (plain)

1 banana (frozen and processed to be like ice cream consistency - love this!)

Total calories for the day: 1,386

Overall it was a great food day. I had lots of food and felt very satisfied. If only every day could be like this! I'm working on getting to a point where every day will be like this, but I'm definitely a work in progress.

I also took my measurements today. I haven't taken my measurements in four months, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Here's how everything shook out:

Neck: 13.0 (same)
Bicep: 11.75 (same)
Forearm: 9.5 (same)
Bust: 39.75 (same)
Waist: 33.25 (-1.25)
Hip: 41.50 (-0.25)
Thigh: 22.25 (same)
Calf: 14.25 (-0.25)
Total: 185.25 (-1.75)

A lot stayed the same, but I definitely saw a decent loss in my waist, which is great! The last time I took my measurements I only weighed 0.4 lbs more than I weighed this morning. So to see a 1.25 inch loss in my waist when I only lost 0.4 lbs means I must be doing something right. Also, I would have sworn my calf measurement would go up. The trainer has had me doing tons of squats and while my calves look really toned they also seemed bigger to me, but I guess they're toned and smaller, so that's great!

I may not be where I want to be at weight-wise this week, but I'm definitely happy with my progress. I just have to keep chugging along. :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vacation and my spare tire...

I had a great workout last night with my trainer. Although, he totally forgot about me and was 15 minutes late, which definitely irked me a bit. We had an appointment last Wednesday that he called to try and change to a time that didn't work for me, so we just switched it to 6pm yesterday. Well when he called me he was at home and he never wrote down my appointment when he got into the gym. I've got to say he seems a little flaky at times. He's definitely young, but he kicks my butt so I can't complain too much. A funny thing did happen during the training session last night. He was telling me how his college classes started and how he now has to schedule his training appointments around his class schedule. Then he asks me if I'm going to graduate soon...and I tell him I graduated a while ago. He asks when I graduated and I tell him 2004 and he's like "Oh...". Ha, I don't think he realized I was that much older than him, which I guess I should take as a compliment, but it was funny.

There was another thing about my training session that was not so fun. He had me doing squats with a barbell in front of a mirror and all I could see was my spare tire. I hold a little bit of weight in my arms and thighs, but almost all of it is this damn spare tire. So as I'm squatting in front of this mirror I look down and this extra weight around my middle is just staring me in the face. It just made it crystal clear I need to shed my excess weight so that it won't look like that anymore. Plus carrying weight around your midsection is the most unhealthy body type to have. To reduce your health risks your waist measurement should be under 30 inches. I've always wondered where that measurement should be, though? I measure the smallest part of my waist for that measurement, which is right about where my belly button is. However, where my pants sit and what I'd use for my waist measurement for pants is below my belly button and is definitely larger than the smallest part of my waist. Which one should be under 30 inches? Should my pant size be under 30? Or should the smallest part of my waist be under 30?

I have a great friend that lives in San Diego and we have decided to plan a vacation for the two of us. We both are working on our health, we're single and we just want to do something good for ourselves. So we decided we would take a trip, just the two of us, to somewhere warm. At first we were thinking somewhere more tropical and then we started thinking about Key West. We want to keep costs down a bit, if we can, but at the same time we want to make sure we have a great time. Our plan is to go there for the 4th of July, because we figured that would be a fun time to visit somewhere since there'd likely be a lot of fun activities going on. That leaves us five months to really focus on our health and to save money for the trip. I've never taken a "real" vacation before where I hopped on a plane and traveled somewhere so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Plus, since we'll be going somewhere where we'll be spending a lot of time in bathing suits that's obvious incentive to keep me on track. I'd love it if I would reach my goal weight by then, but even if I just get close to it that would be great. Here's to seeing what I can do in the next 5 months!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

How was your weekend? Mine was fan-freaking-tastic. Friday afternoon I met up with a friend at the gym for a workout. Let me backtrack a little. Before I joined my gym I told my friend what gym I was joining and it turned out she was a member there as well. We talked about working out together, but this is the first time we've done it in the three weeks since I joined. Anyway, I show up and we do the elliptical together for about half an hour. We were chatting, but at the same time I was really pushing and sweating, so I burned a ton of calories in that half hour. Then we decided to do an upper body workout, so we went over to the weight machines and each sat at machines that were next to one another and talked about tons of stuff while we were lifting. After that we did some ab work and holy hell was that hard! I do not have strong abs, but there were a few exercises that we did that worked my abs so good that I definitely need to work into my regular routine! Finally we hopped on the treadmill for another 15 minutes and then called it a day. Overall it was a great workout! She doesn't work most Fridays, so we're planning to do this every Friday she has off. Unfortunately she's working this Friday, but hopefully next week we'll be able to workout together again. I honestly felt like I had really just worked myself to the bone. We workout well together.

After that I went home and finished up my work day. Then my friend and I had planned on getting together at her place for a healthy dinner, wine and movies. She cooked breaded tilapia, brown rice and steamed was soooo good. I brought the wine and a little dessert for us to share and we talked about life and then dove into the movies. We ended up watching 2 1/2 movies before I decided to go home since it was like 1:30am! It was a really fun night, though.

Saturday was frankly a lazy day. I basically hung around with the dogs all day and didn't do much of anything. It's definitely nice to have days like those sometimes.

Yesterday was all about cleaning and running errands. I returned a shirt and a pair of shoes that didn't fit properly. The stores were at opposite ends of the mall, so it gave me a chance to get a good amount of walking in. I didn't go into any other stores I just wanted to return my items and head out. Also one store was on the first floor and the other was on the second floor, so I used the stairs to get between floors rather than the escalators. It may sound silly, but every time I make a small decision like this to make a smarter choice it makes me feel like a million bucks. I feel proud that I care enough about my health to even think about it. So many people go through life not even considering these things and it feels good to know that I am no longer one of those people. I care about my health and I'm making conscious choices each day to improve it.

After that I went to Walmart. The main thing I was excited about purchasing was painting supplies. I had a painting idea, so I needed to get some new colors and I didn't have any more canvases, so I had to purchase some more canvases to paint on. I ended up picking up 6 canvases and then when I was going through the paint colors I got the ones I needed and then just decided to go ahead and pick out a bunch of colors. I figured that I'm going to be much more likely to paint if I already have all the colors I need on hand for a new idea. Whereas, if I have to pick up more colors at the store it's much easier to put it off. I really want to put some more time into my painting since I really do love it and I don't want to give myself a chance to make excuses, so I just went for it and picked out like 15 colors. Then I wanted something to hold the paint so I picked up a tupperware bin that will keep it all organized. I was so excited about this! I really can't wait to get started. I'll take a picture of the next painting I do once it's finished and post it. :-)

Last but not least I headed over to the grocery store to pick up some goodies. The place I go to has GREAT produce prices. I absolutely love it. So I got lots of fruits and veggies and a couple cuts of meat and I was good to go. I felt great about all of the things I accomplished yesterday. I've been putting in some real time doing things that are good for me and make me happy and it's definitely paying off. I feel great!

Finally, I wanted to leave you with a funny story. A little while ago my dog Duke was sitting on the floor next to my chair. All of a sudden I hear him farting. He tooted like five little ones in a row and then he got up and turned around to look at the floor like the floor was what made the noise. It was too funny! Have a great week!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weigh In - Two Pound Loss!

I weighed in today at 175.8 lbs! I'm stoked to finally have the scale going in the right direction again. I counted calories since Monday this week and what do you know it worked! I didn't even work out with the trainer this week! I had an appointment for Monday and I canceled because of it snowing like crazy, but I rescheduled for Wednesday. Then he canceled Wednesday, so now I have my next appointment on Monday of next week. I did still exercise, though. I had the bootcamp class last Saturday and I cycled on my stationary bike at home. I'm just very happy to have made some progress this week. I've finally hit my 30 pounds lost goal and I'm just 0.8 lbs away from having lost 15% of my starting weight. I've got 9.4 lbs to go until I've got a healthy BMI - that will be a great day. I can't wait to hit that goal!

On another note I did something last night that I thought might be a fun experience. I've mentioned before that I'm dating and I'm open to meeting someone, well last night I tried something new in that realm of things...speed dating. I wasn't really nervous because I didn't have a lot of expectations. I show up at the time we're supposed to check in and I'm the first one there. She looks for my name on the list and I see two VERY short lists. I ask how many people are coming and she says 5 women, 4 men. Crap! But I figure, what the heck I'm here, so I'll just stick it out. They gave me a couple drink tickets, so I go grab my free drink. The next person to show up is another woman, her name is Allyn (pronounced Allen) and they had put her under the list of men - CRAP, so we're down to 3 men now?!?!? Slowly but surely everyone else shows up.

The age range for this group of people is 25-35 and it seemed pretty clear to me that two of the three guys were over 35, either that or they've aged really poorly. And one guy seemed drunk when he got there. Great. The first guy (the one that seemed to actually be under 35) was actually quite nice. We had an easy time talking and I genuinely thought he was a nice guy. However, I'm pretty tall for a woman and I'm fairly certain he was shorter than me which just doesn't work for me. So while he was a nice guy there just wasn't any chemistry.

The next guy walks up and seemingly surprised says "You're really pretty!". I thanked him of course, but the way he said it was just kind of awkward. Plus he was one of those cheesy looking older guys. I don't know how to explain it, but he was kind of creepy looking. The conversation was fine, but nothing to write home about.

The last guy walks up and I can tell straight away he's not from the US originally (which isn't an issue, but he just seemed odd)...and by the way this is the semi-drunk guy...who also showed up late, not great signs. He comes to the table and I reach out to shake his hand and introduce myself like I did with the other guys. He sits down and he's staring at my chest the whole time! He asks what I do for fun and I tell him about my dogs and how they're practically like a hobby since they take up a lot of my time. He says what else, so I tell him that when the weather's nicer I like to hike and cycle. We talk about cycling a little and then he says what else do I like to I tell him I like to paint. Then he asks again "what else"...I'm thinking seriously you want a list of every possible hobby that I have! So I list off some more items (playing the piano, singing, dancing, going to plays/musicals/opera/etc.). This whole time I'm listing off a list of every hobby I've ever had in my life and I learned next to nothing about this guy! I mean, it was fine since I wasn't really interested in the older, drunk guy that was hard to understand with his accent and slurring, but had I been remotely interested in him it would have been a waste that I didn't learn anything about him.

Finally, I'm done with him and the guys each still have two more dates to get through the five of us ladies. I bring my sheet, with the No's checked for each guy, to the woman in charge. Ask if there's anything else I have to do or if I can leave and I throw on my coat and book out of there. I didn't want to take the chance of one of the creepy guys trying to talk to me afterward. Oh well, it's something to check off my list of interesting things I've done in my life, right? The one thing I will say is that I learned that even an awkward situation I'm a pretty darn good conversationalist. It just reminds me that I need to be more open and apply that confidence I have to any situation where I might speak to someone.

Tonight should be a nice night. I'm getting together with one of my girlfriends. I'm going to pick up a couple bottles of wine and we're going to have dinner and wine at her place. Then we're either going to go see a movie or very likely I could see us just deciding to stay in with any movies she has, girl talk and wine. Can't go wrong with that combo!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bootcamp and Snow...Lots and Lots of Snow!

I went to bootcamp on Saturday with Julia and I really loved it! I've done bootcamps before, but it's been a while. Although, since I've been working with a trainer I guess I'm probably getting used to the fast paced workout of going from one workout to the next, to the next. Anyway, I really enjoyed the workout. The camaraderie of grunting and groaning next to others who are just pushing themselves from one station to the next to get through the workout just like you. Plus the trainer seemed to really get to know each of the people in the bootcamp, so it helps you to feel like you know everyone there as well. My "sweaty Betty-ness" was out in full force, as always!

I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk to Julia. We had a bit of a drive to and from the bootcamp class, which was nice because it gave us a chance to get to know one another a little better. I definitely look forward to future outings with JewliaGoulia!

Also, on Monday of last week I mentioned a never happened. He flaked on me, what else is new! Lol, oh well. He ended up explaining why after the fact and I'm not going to post the reason here since it's a personal family issue, but basically he's not in a place to be dating right now. On to the next!

I was supposed to have a training session yesterday, but we've gotten quite a bit of snow over the past few days and I didn't want to drive in it as it was still coming down when I would have had to drive over there. I changed my appointment to tomorrow, since we should be pretty much done with snow by noon or so tomorrow. To make up for the missed appointment I've been tracking my calories (which I should be doing anyway) and I'm already down a pound or so since last week. I'm definitely planning to stay on top of my calories and continue kicking butt in the gym and I should see some real progress very soon. :-)

Last, but not least are a couple of pictures of my dogs out in the snow yesterday (Does anyone ever like seeing these?? Or are they annoying...). I actually got them to sit/stand still long enough for me to get a couple halfway decent pics. Anyway, happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weigh In and Bootcamp!

I worked out twice last week, three times this week...and I gained. To be completely honest I don't get it. But maybe it's just one of those things, my body getting used to working out again, yada yada yada. I hate to sound like those people who make excuses for why they gained. Oh well, it's a new week.

JewliaGoulia invited me to go to a bootcamp class with her tomorrow (we live in the same neighborhood). At first I didn't want to do it, because frankly getting my butt out of bed early on a Saturday morning is not my idea of fun, lol, but since I gained this week that was all the push I needed for me to decide I should go. Plus, I finally get to meet her!

Let's backtrack now. My training session last night was great. My trainer seems to be a little shy, but he seems to be coming out of his shell a little more. Last night was our third session, ten to go. I've always referred to myself as a "sweaty Betty" and last night was no different. He had me doing walking lunges while holding a weighted ball (whatever the heck they're called) and I was literally dripping sweat into my eyes. Then he had me lay down on a mat to do some other exercises and when I got up the mat was covered in gross. In my attempt to lighten the mood I made a joke about how he probably doesn't train anyone else that sweats as much as I do and he just laughed! I was expecting him to say "oh no, everyone sweats a lot, you're totally normal", but NO I got no such reassurance. Lol, oh well, sweaty Betty it is.

I also took a Pilates/Yoga class the day before yesterday. It was an hour long class that combined Pilates and Yoga. I knew it'd be hard, but holy crap was it challenging. At the beginning of the class she didn't play any music, which I didn't care for, but eventually she turned some music on. Also, the back "wall" of the room is all windows with exercise equipment and a walking/running track just outside the room, so people are constantly looking in. And since it was my first time taking the class I wanted to be in the back, which meant I was right in front of the windows putting me in a prime viewing spot for everyone to stare at. The things I really liked about this class were that it did a great job of helping me stretch out and we did back/core strengthening exercises which I really need with all of the back problems I've had. Overall, I was really glad I took it.

Last, but not least, I wanted to share some of my yummy food I've had over the past few days. Lunch a couple days ago was this bomb ass salad. It has lettuce (of course), avocado, egg and this great organic onion cucumber salad dressing that only has 40 calories in every 2 tbsp. I used more than I needed, but it was still really good.

Then was the breakfast I had both yesterday and today. It included oatmeal, vanilla greek yogurt, a small banana, some blackberries and a few chocolate chips. So yummy!

Last, but certainly not least, was my dinner from last night. It's Tom Kha Gai, which is Thai coconut milk based soup with chicken and mushrooms. It's one of my favorite meals.

Finally, I'll leave you with a puppy picture (I know, I know they're not really puppies anymore). When I'm working at my desk and they want to go outside, this is what I see...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I don't wanna!!!

I have absolutely no motivation today to do what I know I need to do. I don't want to count calories and watch what I eat. I don't want to go to the gym and work out with the trainer. I don't want to think about the fact that when I weighed myself this morning I weighed more than I did last Friday. I just don't wanna.

What I do want to do is get takeout and snuggle up on my couch and do Ab-so-lute-ly nothing! Ugh! I feel like a big baby today fighting with all of the I don't wanna's running through my head.

However, I will go to the gym because I have an appointment and canceling said appointment would mean letting myself down as well as explaining to my trainer next time why I was a no show. I will keep my calories down for the day, so if I'm lucky I can at least not have a gain in my weigh-in tomorrow. I will do my best to try and keep the I don't wanna's at bay. But I still don't wanna...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sore Arms, a Movie and a Date!

Happy Monday! My arms are still incredibly sore! Putting on my jacket to take the dogs outside is painful! I did some things this weekend that probably didn't exactly aid in the healing process, but what can you do. I have this hand held vibrating massager that I've been using, so hopefully that'll help. No pain no gain, right?

My weekend was great. I took the day off Friday just because and got some things done around the house. Plus I ran some errands. Then I just spent the night in and relaxed. Sometimes it's so nice to be able to just relax...especially in a clean house.

Saturday I had a pretty full day. I had a baby shower in the afternoon. My roommate my senior year of college is having a baby. It's so surreal seeing friends having babies. I have one friend from high school that has two kids and now this friend from college will be having her baby any day now. It's actually surprising, considering I'm 28, that only two friends of mine have kids. Of course there are acquaintances and friends of friends with kids and just plain old tons of people I went to high school with that have kids, but of my close friends only two have had/are having kids.

After the baby shower I met up with a friend for dinner and a movie. We had a nice meal at a restaurant I haven't been to before (although pretty much every time I go to a restaurant it's new to me, since I've only lived here a few months). We also got a bottle of wine, which was really nice. It's always fun to just talk over a bottle of wine and some good food. Then we went and saw The King's Speech. I really liked it. Nothing mind blowing like Black Swan, but it was a touching movie about friendship and pride. Overall Saturday was a great day.

Tonight I have another training appointment, so wish me luck. Hopefully my triceps aren't going to hurt ten times worse after tonight! It feels good, though, to know that I'm doing this for myself, that I'm taking the time to do what I need to do to make myself healthy. Why we don't all always make ourselves a priority is beyond me. The more I do for myself the happier I am. And who doesn't want to be happier?

Last, but not least, I should be going on a date this week. I'm not sure about the actual night for the date, but I've been emailing with someone for a while now and he said he wants to take me out this week. I don't know when or what or where, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted. ;-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weigh In and First Trainer Workout

I worked out with a trainer last night and he kicked my ass!! Whenever you join a gym they give you a free training session in hopes that you'll buy additional sessions. In the past I've taken the free session and passed on any additional sessions because I just couldn't afford it. And this time, while I have a million other things I should do with that money, I've just decided my health is a priority and if I'm meeting with a trainer twice a week it'll help me get my butt in gear and hopefully reach my goals more quickly and just flat out get me in better shape. Plus since I just joined the gym there's a special on training sessions if I buy them within the first 10 days of being a member. They had one package that was four half hour sessions for $99 and I was leaning toward that one, a second with hour long sessions (I don't remember how many) for $199 and lastly a package with 12 hour long sessions for $399 (after the 10 days the price nearly doubles). I don't have $399 to slap down this second, so I figured that was out of the running...until the trainer said I could split it up into two payments...done and done. So for the next 6 weeks I'll work out with the trainer twice a week and work out on my own twice a week. I'm definitely interested to see where this takes me at the end of the 6 weeks.

Anyway, back to my training session last night. It started out with a little jogging around the track, which I felt great doing. I was thinking man, I'm going to kick ass today. I was wearing a shirt that kept riding up while we were jogging, though, and made me feel insecure since my stomach is the part of my body that needs the most work. I definitely need to make sure I wear a better shirt next time that won't make me feel awkward. Next he had me doing squats with a weighted bar on my shoulders, again I rocked it. Then he had me jumping up onto a step...HOLY CRAP THAT WAS HARD!!! I see on the biggest loser where they have them jump up on these platforms that are like a foot off the ground and I never knew what the big deal was. I had a step (like one used for step class) that was only a few inches off the ground and it was really hard for me. The hour went by fast, but it was not easy let me tell you. I was sweating and I was panting and there were exercises that I really struggled through, but I finished. And today I am sore! My knees are a little sore, but I fully expected that. Nothing too bad. My lower back is quite sore, but it's just muscle soreness and I have a weak back so I'm glad to know that the dead lifts we did really worked my back. Finally the thing that hurts the elbows! I have no idea why, but my elbow joints are really stiff and sore. The women in my family are prone to a lot of joint issues, so I'm not super shocked I've just never had issues with my elbows before so it's kind of weird. Even eating my oatmeal this morning is awkward. Anyway, bottom line, he really worked me out and I know working out with him twice a week for six weeks is going to help me a lot. Here's to getting stronger and leaner!

Finally, the thing you've all been waiting for, my weigh in! I weighed in this morning at 176.8 lbs! It's so nice to finally have my weight go down after months of it staying the same/slightly increasing. Plus I only worked out twice this week and didn't really focus too much on my food, so imagined what I can do with more work outs and eating better! I'm 0.6 lbs away from my lowest weight thus far and 0.8 lbs away from hitting the 30 lbs lost mark. But the goal I'm really excited to reach is 166.4 lbs, which puts me in the healthy weight range for my BMI and I'm only 10.4 lbs away from that. I'm not really into setting date specific weight goals, since my focus is more on making healthy choices and being active and less on hitting a number by a certain date, however, my hope is that I can get into the healthy weight range within the 6 weeks that I'll be working with the trainer. That's 1.8 lbs per week, which is definitely doable. We'll see what I can accomplish in 6 weeks!

By the way, I just started massaging my elbow and it felt soooo good. Who'd have thought an elbow massage would feel good, ha ha. I guess it's the muscle/ligament around my elbow that's sore and not the joint itself. That's good news. Ok this is totally random, so I'm signing off now. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gym Shenanigans and My New Haircut!

I went and joined the gym last night. First off it was CROWDED!!! I fully expected this given all the new years resolutioners, plus I went after work so what else did I think I would get. I walked through the crowd of people and finally saw an unused treadmill. It was amongst a group of guys, but I don't scare easily, so I hopped on. I really wanted to use a treadmill as opposed to another piece of equipment, because I just enjoy running (well...I will the more I get back into it). I remember this experience a few years ago where I was running on a treadmill at a full out sprint and I just felt this amazing euphoria pass through my body. Lol, it sounds silly, but I just had this great feeling and I just wanted to run as fast as I could for as long as I could.

Anyway, back to last night. The group of guys dissipated fairly quickly. First I was joined by two little old ladies on the treadmills next to me. The lady closest to me was explaining to her friend how to use the treadmill. I never realized how much I take it for granted that I know how to use pretty much any piece of gym equipment. They get going a little and the lady next to me puts on her iPod...and starts singing along. And it definitely wasn't good singing. I was thisclose to asking her to please stop singing, but luckily she only made it three quarters of a mile before she determined she had done her part to shed the weight as per her new years resolution.

Next came another two women, but these two were in their low 20's. They were chatting the whole time about dating and what they'd do if they won the lottery. It was all about material possessions; the cars they would buy and the clothes and the houses and how they'd never work again, etc. Of course if any of us were in that situation we'd buy material possessions, but the fact that they didn't mention one good deed they'd do with the money just drove me up a wall. But, I just kept trucking along. Lol, I'd forgotten how interesting people can be at the gym.

Aside from the funny people I got in a great workout. I did about an hour, burned over 500 calories and walked/jogged a little over 4 miles. Not exactly a mind blowing pace, but I was proud of that for my first gym outing.

I've really felt great all of last night and today. I'm just cheerful and lighthearted...I just feel good. I decided to make myself a great lunch. I cooked up some shrimp with a teeny amount of butter and some salt free seasoning. It's sooo good that way. Then I also had some gnocchi with spaghetti sauce and a little shaved parmesan. It was definitely a great lunch.

Finally, let's get to the haircut! I didn't really end up getting anything like either one of the pics people voted for. I brought both pictures along and kind of talked with the stylist about what I was looking for. Without further ado here's me before my haircut...

And AFTER!!! What do you think? I definitely have to get used to the bangs (and my hair has to get used to having bangs and doing what I want it to do), but I'm digging the change. :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Haircut!!

I'm planning to get a new haircut and wanted to get your opinion on what style I should go for. I've got cuts ranging from just a simple trim and shape all the way down to chopping it off into a short bob (which I do fairly regularly and do know I like the cut on me).

1. This is just a simple shaping of my currently long lifeless hair.

2. This cut adds in some side bangs and some long layers.

3. I've been playing around with the idea of bangs for a while now, so this is more of a simple long cut with bangs

4. This is similar to a cut I've done a million times. It's a bob where it's shorter in the back and longer in the front, with a few layers around the face (maybe or I may not layer around the face). Ignore my long hair down my shoulders.

5. This is a fun cut that I've never tried before. It's a bob with some side bangs. I think it's very cute, but it'd definitely be something new for me.

So, that's it. Leave a comment letting me know what haircut you prefer and I'll take before and afters once I get it done. :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

How was your new year?? Mine was really great. I couldn't be happier. I guess I should backtrack a little to Christmas since I haven't posted since before then. Christmas was wonderful, as I knew it would be. I went to my mom's and just got to relax for a few days. It was a really nice break and it's always great to be with family. That's something about going to my mom's that's just...easy. No pretenses, I can just sit around watching movies and not have to worry about anything.

I also had a few outings with a good friend of mine which really seems to perk me up. There are certain people in your life where you just feel like you can be yourself no holds barred and this friend is one of those people. We saw Black Swan, which was a great movie! It's one of those movies that literally has scenes that just leave your mouth hanging open. And afterward we couldn't stop talking about it. I would definitely recommend checking it out. It's a trippy movie, but I loved it.

Back to New Years Eve. I met up with another friend and started the night off with a drink at her place and some munching on food we made for the night. Then we loaded up all of the food and drinks and headed out to another friend's place where we had planned ahead to stay the night so we would be safe. Let me just say, I had a blast! I danced my heart out ALL.NIGHT.LONG! I was definitely in single girl mode. Not in the sense that I was looking for someone random dude to make out with, lol (I didn't actually kiss anyone at midnight), but just in the sense that I let loose and had fun and danced like no one was watching. :-) I felt so good and so free. That night I had no cares in the world. I wasn't worried about my house that I'm still trying to sell or the credit cards that I'm trying to pay off or the weight that I still need to lose, I was just me and at that moment being me was perfect. That night I felt this confidence and sureness about myself that no amount of money can buy. I didn't take any pictures since my camera is on the fritz, but my friend did so I'm hoping to steal a few from her if she posts them on Facebook...ahhh Facebook, lol.

I've got to say, though, all of that dancing had consequences. I was getting down in a way I haven't in ages. And my back and knees are letting me know they're not used to it! The past couple mornings I've been woken up by my back and knee pain. In the mean time I'm icing it and stretching and I'm sure it'll start getting better soon. I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, but I'm going to see if I can push it up to today.

Also, I'm planning to finally get that gym membership. I'm not looking forward to joining at the same time as all of the new year's resolutioners, but I need to finally just get it done with and start getting to the gym regularly. I've finally settled on Bally's. They have classes and nice equipment and the price is right. I was hoping to find a cool locally owned gym, but it just wasn't in the cards. Plus with Bally's I can pretty much take that membership with me anywhere. Should I end up moving again (not that I've got any plans in the near future for this) I will most likely be able to find a nearby Bally's and not have to go out searching for a new gym again. Or even if I'm just traveling or visiting friends or whatever, I'll be able to just check out the closest club. Plus there are 4 locations in the Milwaukee area, so if one of them has a better class time for me than another I can always try out a different location.

I better get back to work, but I'm definitely feeling good and looking forward to what 2011 has in store for me!


I just wanted to add one more thing. What a difference a year makes, huh? We need to remember to gives ourselves credit for our accomplishments rather than spending too much time focusing on the things we've yet to accomplish. And me...I'm damn proud of what I've accomplished!