Friday, January 7, 2011

Weigh In and First Trainer Workout

I worked out with a trainer last night and he kicked my ass!! Whenever you join a gym they give you a free training session in hopes that you'll buy additional sessions. In the past I've taken the free session and passed on any additional sessions because I just couldn't afford it. And this time, while I have a million other things I should do with that money, I've just decided my health is a priority and if I'm meeting with a trainer twice a week it'll help me get my butt in gear and hopefully reach my goals more quickly and just flat out get me in better shape. Plus since I just joined the gym there's a special on training sessions if I buy them within the first 10 days of being a member. They had one package that was four half hour sessions for $99 and I was leaning toward that one, a second with hour long sessions (I don't remember how many) for $199 and lastly a package with 12 hour long sessions for $399 (after the 10 days the price nearly doubles). I don't have $399 to slap down this second, so I figured that was out of the running...until the trainer said I could split it up into two payments...done and done. So for the next 6 weeks I'll work out with the trainer twice a week and work out on my own twice a week. I'm definitely interested to see where this takes me at the end of the 6 weeks.

Anyway, back to my training session last night. It started out with a little jogging around the track, which I felt great doing. I was thinking man, I'm going to kick ass today. I was wearing a shirt that kept riding up while we were jogging, though, and made me feel insecure since my stomach is the part of my body that needs the most work. I definitely need to make sure I wear a better shirt next time that won't make me feel awkward. Next he had me doing squats with a weighted bar on my shoulders, again I rocked it. Then he had me jumping up onto a step...HOLY CRAP THAT WAS HARD!!! I see on the biggest loser where they have them jump up on these platforms that are like a foot off the ground and I never knew what the big deal was. I had a step (like one used for step class) that was only a few inches off the ground and it was really hard for me. The hour went by fast, but it was not easy let me tell you. I was sweating and I was panting and there were exercises that I really struggled through, but I finished. And today I am sore! My knees are a little sore, but I fully expected that. Nothing too bad. My lower back is quite sore, but it's just muscle soreness and I have a weak back so I'm glad to know that the dead lifts we did really worked my back. Finally the thing that hurts the elbows! I have no idea why, but my elbow joints are really stiff and sore. The women in my family are prone to a lot of joint issues, so I'm not super shocked I've just never had issues with my elbows before so it's kind of weird. Even eating my oatmeal this morning is awkward. Anyway, bottom line, he really worked me out and I know working out with him twice a week for six weeks is going to help me a lot. Here's to getting stronger and leaner!

Finally, the thing you've all been waiting for, my weigh in! I weighed in this morning at 176.8 lbs! It's so nice to finally have my weight go down after months of it staying the same/slightly increasing. Plus I only worked out twice this week and didn't really focus too much on my food, so imagined what I can do with more work outs and eating better! I'm 0.6 lbs away from my lowest weight thus far and 0.8 lbs away from hitting the 30 lbs lost mark. But the goal I'm really excited to reach is 166.4 lbs, which puts me in the healthy weight range for my BMI and I'm only 10.4 lbs away from that. I'm not really into setting date specific weight goals, since my focus is more on making healthy choices and being active and less on hitting a number by a certain date, however, my hope is that I can get into the healthy weight range within the 6 weeks that I'll be working with the trainer. That's 1.8 lbs per week, which is definitely doable. We'll see what I can accomplish in 6 weeks!

By the way, I just started massaging my elbow and it felt soooo good. Who'd have thought an elbow massage would feel good, ha ha. I guess it's the muscle/ligament around my elbow that's sore and not the joint itself. That's good news. Ok this is totally random, so I'm signing off now. Have a great weekend!

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