Friday, January 21, 2011

Weigh In - Two Pound Loss!

I weighed in today at 175.8 lbs! I'm stoked to finally have the scale going in the right direction again. I counted calories since Monday this week and what do you know it worked! I didn't even work out with the trainer this week! I had an appointment for Monday and I canceled because of it snowing like crazy, but I rescheduled for Wednesday. Then he canceled Wednesday, so now I have my next appointment on Monday of next week. I did still exercise, though. I had the bootcamp class last Saturday and I cycled on my stationary bike at home. I'm just very happy to have made some progress this week. I've finally hit my 30 pounds lost goal and I'm just 0.8 lbs away from having lost 15% of my starting weight. I've got 9.4 lbs to go until I've got a healthy BMI - that will be a great day. I can't wait to hit that goal!

On another note I did something last night that I thought might be a fun experience. I've mentioned before that I'm dating and I'm open to meeting someone, well last night I tried something new in that realm of things...speed dating. I wasn't really nervous because I didn't have a lot of expectations. I show up at the time we're supposed to check in and I'm the first one there. She looks for my name on the list and I see two VERY short lists. I ask how many people are coming and she says 5 women, 4 men. Crap! But I figure, what the heck I'm here, so I'll just stick it out. They gave me a couple drink tickets, so I go grab my free drink. The next person to show up is another woman, her name is Allyn (pronounced Allen) and they had put her under the list of men - CRAP, so we're down to 3 men now?!?!? Slowly but surely everyone else shows up.

The age range for this group of people is 25-35 and it seemed pretty clear to me that two of the three guys were over 35, either that or they've aged really poorly. And one guy seemed drunk when he got there. Great. The first guy (the one that seemed to actually be under 35) was actually quite nice. We had an easy time talking and I genuinely thought he was a nice guy. However, I'm pretty tall for a woman and I'm fairly certain he was shorter than me which just doesn't work for me. So while he was a nice guy there just wasn't any chemistry.

The next guy walks up and seemingly surprised says "You're really pretty!". I thanked him of course, but the way he said it was just kind of awkward. Plus he was one of those cheesy looking older guys. I don't know how to explain it, but he was kind of creepy looking. The conversation was fine, but nothing to write home about.

The last guy walks up and I can tell straight away he's not from the US originally (which isn't an issue, but he just seemed odd)...and by the way this is the semi-drunk guy...who also showed up late, not great signs. He comes to the table and I reach out to shake his hand and introduce myself like I did with the other guys. He sits down and he's staring at my chest the whole time! He asks what I do for fun and I tell him about my dogs and how they're practically like a hobby since they take up a lot of my time. He says what else, so I tell him that when the weather's nicer I like to hike and cycle. We talk about cycling a little and then he says what else do I like to I tell him I like to paint. Then he asks again "what else"...I'm thinking seriously you want a list of every possible hobby that I have! So I list off some more items (playing the piano, singing, dancing, going to plays/musicals/opera/etc.). This whole time I'm listing off a list of every hobby I've ever had in my life and I learned next to nothing about this guy! I mean, it was fine since I wasn't really interested in the older, drunk guy that was hard to understand with his accent and slurring, but had I been remotely interested in him it would have been a waste that I didn't learn anything about him.

Finally, I'm done with him and the guys each still have two more dates to get through the five of us ladies. I bring my sheet, with the No's checked for each guy, to the woman in charge. Ask if there's anything else I have to do or if I can leave and I throw on my coat and book out of there. I didn't want to take the chance of one of the creepy guys trying to talk to me afterward. Oh well, it's something to check off my list of interesting things I've done in my life, right? The one thing I will say is that I learned that even an awkward situation I'm a pretty darn good conversationalist. It just reminds me that I need to be more open and apply that confidence I have to any situation where I might speak to someone.

Tonight should be a nice night. I'm getting together with one of my girlfriends. I'm going to pick up a couple bottles of wine and we're going to have dinner and wine at her place. Then we're either going to go see a movie or very likely I could see us just deciding to stay in with any movies she has, girl talk and wine. Can't go wrong with that combo!

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