Friday, February 11, 2011

Goals, Goals, Goals!!!

I weighed in this morning at 174.2 lbs!!! I so needed to see that loss today, so I'm ecstatic. I've finally crossed over the hump where I have lost more than I have left to lose. I've also passed the 15% lost mark! I'm definitely finally breaking through some of my milestones. I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to set some goals for myself for the week and I did. Some are healthy living goals and some are just general life goals.

Healthy Living Goals:
- Track calories every day
- Put together a meal plan for the week
- Try a new recipe
- Cycle 30-45 miles
- Work out with trainer twice
- Find a dance class

General Life Goals:
- Clean/organize my office (this has needed to be done since I moved in 4 months ago)
- File taxes
- Put together a business plan
- Work on my painting
- Go to a coffee shop and read a book

That seems like a number of goals for one week, but honestly a lot of them won't take that much time. Plus it'll feel good to check some of these things off and feel like I'm moving forward with my life in a positive direction.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days. This one was taken last night after cycling 15 miles on my stationary bike.

This was some banana soft serve that I made a few days ago. Can you believe that is just banana in that dish?!?! There's nothing else in there. And I'm a girl who loves ice cream and creamy things, so this was right up my alley.

Last, but not least this is my dinner (and lunch today) that I made last night. It's a stir fry with 3.4 oz of chicken, 2 cups of broccoli, 1 zucchini, 1/4 c. of basmati rice and 6 Tbsp of this organic Honey Dijon marinade that I bought that's only 10 calories per tbsp. The marinade was a little too sweet, so I think I'll use half marinade half mustard next time to give it a little kick. I have this horseradish mustard that I think would taste really good with the marinade. I'll have to give it a try. :-)

Aside from that I worked out today with a friend of mine. I seriously get the best work out in when we work out together! I've only known her a couple months, but she's turning out to be a great influence on me. Having a workout buddy is huge, but I can also tell she's going to help me get my head in the right place when it comes to dating. She's a bit more no nonsense, not going to put up with a lot of crap, whereas I always want to give people the benefit of the a fault. She didn't like this last guy from the get go and she's made it clear that if I find another loser like him she won't be shy in letting me know I need to ditch him. Lol. It's good to have a friend that'll tell you how it is when they've got your best interests at heart. Especially with me being a bleeding heart who wants to help everyone and put everyone's needs before my own. She's exactly the kind of person I need in my life right now, so I am very grateful to have met her. Yay for good friends!!

I should be able to accomplish a number of my goals this weekend. Anyone want to accomplish some goals with me???

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