Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank God For My Trainer!!

I've learned so many new exercises by working with my trainer. If nothing else I'll take some of these exercises with me to use in the future and also working with her made me more comfortable utilizing all my gym has to offer and that's priceless. I wanted to mention an exercise that I did last night that I'm in love with (and that has made me sore today). I'm the kind of person that really loves exercises that challenge me and that I know are going to make me sore. I'll always have to work hard on my core strength and balance because that's where I lack. Yesterday she had me do squats on a bosu ball.

Here's a video demonstrating the exercise. Let me tell you, it was HARD! But that's why I liked it. Every time I did a squat the ball was shaking like crazy. And after just a couple squats I could feel my butt and abs were fully engaged. Those are my two areas I want to work on. My abs to just have a stronger core and get rid of my spare tire and my butt because...well I have no butt, lol, so my hope is that by getting more fit I can make it look a little more shapely and not so non-existent. While my trainer said yesterday that I had "skinny girl limbs", which was great to hear, she was also quick to agree with me when I talked about having no butt, lol, ah well what can you do. You have to work with what you've got.

One other exercise we did yesterday that's something I've done a million times before, but forgot how beneficial it can be is dumbbell flys. Or "tree huggers" as my trainer liked to call them. My trainer made a comment about how this is good for your "bra fat" you get right by your armpit. That's not the main draw for me, though. I'm fairly large chested and I'd just like to strengthen my chest muscles to get my "girls" looking as perky as possible. Having a large chest can sometimes make me look heavier than I am, I believe, so I feel if I strengthen my chest then not only might I shrink a little but I'll just look more toned and that's my main goal. Also, I was using just 10 or 12 pound weights and I was literally shaking like crazy! I definitely worked my pecs to the max. (Did I really just say "to the max"? That reminds me of something from some 90's TV show or something...) Also, to kick this exercise up a notch I had my legs up in the air. So you lay down on the bench, put your legs straight up so that they're at a 90 degree angle to your body and just hold them there while you do your flys. This way you're incorporating your core while you're working on your pecs. This is one of my favorite things about my trainer, pretty much all of the exercises she has me do work multiple body parts at once, if not my whole body, so I get the most out of my workouts.

I really enjoyed sharing these exercises with you guys! I wish I had started this sooner and shared more of the exercises I've done with my trainer. I've got one more session with her, so I'll pick out a few of my favorite exercises I do with her in that session and I'll think back to some of my past sessions and see what other exercises I can remember and share the wealth. :-)


  1. There is a class I take sometimes at my gym called "Core Challenge." It is like a mini bootcamp class. Sometimes the entire class is done on a bosu. It is tough but I like that kind of tough sometimes!

  2. I love that kind of tough!! Although an entire class on a bosu...that would be really challenging!