Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

I definitely had a busy weekend. I was barely home at all. I helped a friend move Saturday during the day, so I got a little bit of exercise in there. She hired movers to do the heavy lifting, so most of the things I did was deal with smaller stuff. Then I went home and immediately showered and started getting ready to meet my friend Sara at my friend Colin's show. She showed up a wee bit tipsy and didn't stay the whole time, but I spent the whole show dancing my butt off. After that I went to Lee's to see Brian. I hung out there all night, waited while he closed up and we got back to his place at 4am!! I had no idea it was that late. Time flies, I guess. I slept ok, not great but not horrible.

Then I got woken up by a couple texts from friends about brunch. Went home, showered, got ready and went out to brunch. After brunch we went to a bar and had a couple drinks, Jess met us there. Everyone left, so then we went to Lee's again to see Brian (which by the way was fairly awkward...not sure why it was so weird for him, but whatever). Since it was trivia night we decided to join in and it turns out my downstairs neighbor runs the trivia night!! Shows how well I know him, lol. Trivia was fun and I got a chance to really talk with Dave (my neighbor) after Jess left. Then Dave left, I stayed a wee bit longer talking to one of Brian's co-workers and then I finally went home at 1:30am. Whew!! What a long weekend.

Yesterday I literally didn't want to do anything. I didn't exercise, but I did track my food and ate around 1300 calories, so that's good. Today should be about the same calorie-wise. I will still exercise even though again I'm feeling quite unmotivated. I think I'll cycle to at least get some time in. Hopefully once I do that I'll feel more motivated to work out tomorrow.

On the positive side I've been doing some research for my eBay business. I got a book about starting an eBay business. I'm 30 pages in, 314 more pages to go. Once I finish the book I'll get started on checking out some pawn shops around here to see what kind of ring inventories they have. I also have to find a place where I can get rings appraised. I need to do some more research on what kind of rings are selling (stone shape, size, etc.) and for how much. I'll buy some ring displays. I'm sure my list of things to do prior to setting up a store on eBay will get longer as I read this book, but for now I have a good idea of the steps I need to take. The big step, of course, will be taking some more money out of my retirement account (which I need to do anyway to continue to help pay my bills) and go out and buy a couple rings to get started. If things works out that would be a wonderful thing. Every time I sell a ring I'm going to put all of the money I make right back into buying more rings and I'll keep doing that until I'm making enough of a profit where I can afford to pay my bills and continue to grow my inventory. By the end of February I plan to have my store set up. I wish I had started this a few months ago when I was first unemployed, so I could have gotten some business from the people buying engagement rings for valentine's day, but alas I'm too late for that. Better late than never, though, and if things go well, then by next year I should have a decent seller rating and then I might get a piece of those people that are buying rings for valentine's. Anyway, I'm super excited to see what happens.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Weigh In

Weighed in this morning and holy moly I'm already down to 167.2 lbs!! That's 6.2 lbs in 3 days!! A bit of that was water weight, but a lot was flat out hard work. I've been working out and tracking my food every day. It feels good to be making some quick progress. I'm excited to get down to my previous low weight of 165.8 lbs. Only 1.4 lbs to go till I get there. Not a bad way to start this rejuvenation of the tail end of my weight loss journey. I'll be really excited once I finally have fewer than 20 lbs to lose or gosh, when I'm in the 150's!! I don't think I've been in the 150's since my freshman year of college!! That's 12 years ago, crazy to think about. Anyway, this major progress in this first week has really lit a fire under me to keep doing what I'm doing.

I did bikram yoga again today. And yet again it was difficult. I find myself getting really lightheaded in class and then I have to lie down until the feeling passes. Hopefully I'll get used to the heat sooner rather than later, otherwise once my 20 class pass is used up I'll have to find a non-hot yoga or pilates class to take instead. In fact, unless by some miracle I start to really enjoy this class I'm going to find myself a different class that I actually enjoy. I feel like bikram really aids in my flexibility and weight loss, so I'll stick with it to jump start those things and then move on to something I want to do.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tap, Tap, Tap!!

Well I had my first tap class yesterday!! I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. At first it was going well and then I fell behind. I'm definitely not quite at the level for the intermediate/experienced class I was in. I knew all of the steps, but they would teach them so quickly and move on to the next step when I still didn't quite have the first set of steps down. I got a decent sweat in. After class the teacher talked to me about trying the straight intermediate class first and then after I get my feet wet a bit and am more comfortable I can move back to the harder class, so that's my plan. I have to check the schedule to see when the class I should be taking is, but I'm definitely going to keep at it.

Also, my friend Sara said she'd take a hip hop or ballet class with me. I'm thinking hip hop would be a fun class for us to take together, so I'm going to see if I can find a class that works with both of our schedules. I've never taken a hip hop class before, but I've always enjoyed dancing to hip hop music and watching hip hop dancers. It should be a fun experience for both of us.

I weighed myself yesterday and again this morning and I weighed in at 170.2 lbs both days, so luckily a few of the extra pounds were water weight that came right off. My goal for tomorrow is 169.8 lbs. Anything less than that is just gravy. My weekly goal is anywhere between 1.4 and 2 lbs per week. 1.4 lbs per week will get me to my goal by June 1st and 2 lbs will obviously just get me there more quickly. Fingers crossed that I'm able to stay motivated and continue tracking my food and be focused on my goal. Hmmm...maybe I should research things I can do to keep me inspired, like an inspiration board or goal pants or something along those lines.

I started my day off with a green smoothie. 3 cups of spinach, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 small banana, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. I think it could've used another tbsp of peanut butter, but I was trying to keep the calories down and that would have tacked on another hundred calories. As it was, it came in at 257 calories. Maybe I'll add ice next time too, just to add a bit more volume to the smoothie.

Today I'm going to do 30 Day Shred and try to keep my calories right around 1200, so I can have a good weigh in tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh In

Weighed in this morning at 173.4 lbs. Blech! I'm on my period and I had chinese food last night, so hopefully it's mostly bloat and water retention. We shall see over the next couple of days. I did Bikram Yoga this morning!! I had trouble getting myself out of bed, so I felt a teeny bit rushed but I got there with time to spare. Let me just say it was not easy!! I knew the first time back after such a long hiatus wouldn't be easy, but it was truly rough. I had to lay down so many times cause I felt nauseous and lightheaded. Since I got up late I ate breakfast later, which means I probably ate closer to class time than I should have. I only ate about an hour before class and I should have eaten two hours before to avoid nausea. Anyway, I've got to do my best to get up a bit earlier next time. I definitely saw how much I need this class. I have zero flexibility!! I definitely need to improve and hopefully I will.

Starting my day off with the class and then showering right after set me up where I was done with my exercise and all showered up leaving me free to take care of anything with the rest of my day. I feel like I got so much done today! I bought a pair of pants for dance and a new exercise shirt. I got a bunch of new (well new to me) books, which I'm super excited about. I haven't really been looking forward to reading a lot of the books I have, so I'm glad to have gotten some new ones. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things...and ended up getting even more than necessary, lol. Oh well, the dogs got some extra treats and toys. Dot is feverishly chewing up a toy as I type. I went to Sid's to get help getting my old wiper blades off. I tried so hard to get them off myself, but I just couldn't get them off!! Then new ones will be much easier to get off, thank goodness.

Lastly, I did some grocery shopping. I really did a phenomenal job. Zero impulse buys. I got only things that I needed and healthy choices. I did not get anything from the deli or the bakery. I'm very proud of myself. Now to stick to only eating the foods in my house and not eating out!

Tomorrow is my first tap class. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New New Beginning

Ugh, it has been almost a year since I stopped posting. I still work out (although not as regularly as I would like) and have done a decent job at maintaining, but my food choices are far less than stellar and my exercise habits are quite irregular. In terms of exercise I'm finally bringing dancing back into the mix. Considering how much I love it and how much of a big part of my life it used to be, it's crazy that I haven't done this sooner. I went and visited the studio and I have to say I'm really excited to get started. Nervous, but excited. They have tap, ballet, hip hop and zumba among other classes. Also, I have a 20 class pass for bikram yoga that I have to use up before it expires in June. My muscles are pretty much always wound up, just something about my body composition, so again this is something I should really be doing at least once a week and now I will be. I'm hoping the dance and bikram yoga will do a body good!! :-)

As for my food choices...yeah I'm struggling. Even though I'm unemployed and have all the time in the world I find myself ordering takeout and picking up food rather than taking the time to cook for myself. When I eat healthy and track my food I feel less bloated and have more energy. I truly feel amazing, so you'd think it'd be a piece of cake to stick to a healthy diet. But I have this mental issue where I really have a hard time saying no to myself and I make excuses for my bad choices or explain it away. I'm hoping if I start tracking my progress on here again and just lay all of my feelings out it'll help me figure out this mental block I'm having and start to make better decisions and finally make progress again.

My current weight is around 170. I've been hovering around this weight for almost a year now and it's time to take the bull by the reins again. I'm setting a goal for myself. I want to get down to my goal weight of 145 by June 1st. That gives me about 18 1/2 weeks to get there, which means I need to lose a little under 1.5 lbs a week. That's totally doable, I just need to focus. If I track my food and use my passion for dance to get consistent regular activity, then I shouldn't have any problems really getting things moving again.

I feel like I've been trying so hard to do regular old cardio and weights or P90X, where it was all dvds at home, and I just got tired of those activities. They always say to find a form of exercise you love and then it will be easy to stick with it. This is so cheesy, but dancing for me is like feeding my soul. Lol, god that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I love dancing. I regularly tap dance (in regular shoes, boots, whatever) while I'm outside with my dogs waiting for them to do their business. Or I'll do a couple ballet moves in my apartment or just start dancing around while I'm doing the dishes. It just makes me happy, in more ways than I can ever express.

Well, I've got some ideas to get myself back on track. I recently broke off a very brief relationship with someone. Had an almost date with a guy who already flaked on me. So it's just time to focus on me and forget about the bullshit. I'd love to get into great shape and celebrate my 30th birthday (August 2nd) feeling wonderful about myself. Here's to my new new beginning!!