Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

I definitely had a busy weekend. I was barely home at all. I helped a friend move Saturday during the day, so I got a little bit of exercise in there. She hired movers to do the heavy lifting, so most of the things I did was deal with smaller stuff. Then I went home and immediately showered and started getting ready to meet my friend Sara at my friend Colin's show. She showed up a wee bit tipsy and didn't stay the whole time, but I spent the whole show dancing my butt off. After that I went to Lee's to see Brian. I hung out there all night, waited while he closed up and we got back to his place at 4am!! I had no idea it was that late. Time flies, I guess. I slept ok, not great but not horrible.

Then I got woken up by a couple texts from friends about brunch. Went home, showered, got ready and went out to brunch. After brunch we went to a bar and had a couple drinks, Jess met us there. Everyone left, so then we went to Lee's again to see Brian (which by the way was fairly awkward...not sure why it was so weird for him, but whatever). Since it was trivia night we decided to join in and it turns out my downstairs neighbor runs the trivia night!! Shows how well I know him, lol. Trivia was fun and I got a chance to really talk with Dave (my neighbor) after Jess left. Then Dave left, I stayed a wee bit longer talking to one of Brian's co-workers and then I finally went home at 1:30am. Whew!! What a long weekend.

Yesterday I literally didn't want to do anything. I didn't exercise, but I did track my food and ate around 1300 calories, so that's good. Today should be about the same calorie-wise. I will still exercise even though again I'm feeling quite unmotivated. I think I'll cycle to at least get some time in. Hopefully once I do that I'll feel more motivated to work out tomorrow.

On the positive side I've been doing some research for my eBay business. I got a book about starting an eBay business. I'm 30 pages in, 314 more pages to go. Once I finish the book I'll get started on checking out some pawn shops around here to see what kind of ring inventories they have. I also have to find a place where I can get rings appraised. I need to do some more research on what kind of rings are selling (stone shape, size, etc.) and for how much. I'll buy some ring displays. I'm sure my list of things to do prior to setting up a store on eBay will get longer as I read this book, but for now I have a good idea of the steps I need to take. The big step, of course, will be taking some more money out of my retirement account (which I need to do anyway to continue to help pay my bills) and go out and buy a couple rings to get started. If things works out that would be a wonderful thing. Every time I sell a ring I'm going to put all of the money I make right back into buying more rings and I'll keep doing that until I'm making enough of a profit where I can afford to pay my bills and continue to grow my inventory. By the end of February I plan to have my store set up. I wish I had started this a few months ago when I was first unemployed, so I could have gotten some business from the people buying engagement rings for valentine's day, but alas I'm too late for that. Better late than never, though, and if things go well, then by next year I should have a decent seller rating and then I might get a piece of those people that are buying rings for valentine's. Anyway, I'm super excited to see what happens.

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