Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weigh In

I weighed in on Friday at 166.4 lbs. I'm glad I took off that little gain I had right away. I'm only 0.6 lbs away from my lowest weight thus far. I've got 15 more weeks to go until the date I'm planning to reach my goal by. With 21.4 lbs left I've got to lose at least 1.4 lbs per week. So my goal for my weigh in this Friday is 165 or less. It'll be a new low for me, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. If I lose an extra 0.2 lbs and weigh in at 164.8 or less, then I will reach 20% loss from my original weight! It'll be fun to start reaching some of those milestones again.

I've really been slacking on my exercise. I really want to make this a lifestyle change and incorporate some form of exercise into almost every day. I feel like the best way to stick to this is if I make a weekly schedule. I can tweak it if I need to change things around, but I'm planning to incorporate daily walks (weather permitting), do the 30 Day Shred video twice a week for strength/cardio, take Hip Hop and Tap for both fun and cardio and do Bikram Yoga twice a week (not really looking forward to this, I've got to be honest but I want to give it a few more tries before I move onto some other yoga or pilates class). Here's the schedule for this week:

Monday - 30 Day Shred
Tuesday - Yoga
Wednesday - Hip Hop Class
Thursday - Tap Class
Friday - Yoga
Saturday - 30 Day Shred
Sunday - Rest or Go for a Walk

All of this activity, when I've been doing so little, should mean for a good weigh in this Friday. I think I need to have structure to be consistent, so I think a schedule like this is good for me.

I've done more work on the eBay business. I'm almost done reading the book and I've done a bunch of research on the types of rings that are selling. I now know what to look for when I get out there and shop for a couple rings. I'm a little confused as to what I have to do right away when I set up the business and what I can put off until I see if the eBay business is going to be successful (i.e. forming an LLC vs. filing a DBA name, tax payments, setting up a website, getting a phone line, etc.). I was going to buy software right away to keep track of inventory and expenses and all that jazz, but I think I'll start out with an excel spreadsheet and after a few rings sell then I'll buy the necessary software and backfill the data. Hopefully, there will be a more concise checklist toward the end of the book, otherwise I'll have to thumb back through chapter by chapter and make my own checklist based on the recommendations.

Also, I have a possible job opportunity. It's with an insurance company in Waukesha called Partners Mutual. It's a family owned company that's about the same size as CRES. The position is Product Manager and the duties are almost identical to what I used to do. When I read through the job description I felt like I was reading excerpts from my resume. Honestly, I've got to get an interview for this position. I can't imagine they wouldn't at least want to meet me. This is a new position for the company and I've got 6 years of experience, so I'd think that would make me ideal. Also, the recruiter let me know that the pay I'm looking for is on the low end of what their range is, so she thinks we could both be very happy with the pay. If I get offered $60K or $65K I would be ecstatic. Honestly it just sounds like it could be a great fit in every way.

Also, if I get this job I'll finally be able to take care of some things that I haven't been able to without a steady paycheck. My car broke down this weekend, boy did that suck. I should find out tomorrow what's wrong with it, fingers crossed it's not too bad. Shoot I just realized that until it's fixed I can't go to any dance classes or yoga. Well, I'll just have to do something else if I can't do those classes, but I will work out every day. Back to the car thing, I've been wanting a new car for a while now. My car is 15 years old and has 205K miles on it, so it's definitely time to replace it. I was planning to wait a bit longer, but after the breakdown I know I'm going to replace it soon after I start working again.

The other thing I need to do is go to the dentist. It has probably been a few years since I've been...that's horrible I know. I know I've got at least one filling that fell out and it feels like there are a couple other small pieces of filling that may have fallen out as well. In short, I think my mouth is a mess and I'm fully expecting to have to have a fair amount of work done. So I need to have dental insurance, but I know I'll still likely have some decent out of pocket expenses.

I need to get new glasses or at least replace the lenses in my current pair. I want to do some training with my dogs and I found a company that comes to your home for a few hour session, which I think would be a great thing for me and them. I need to file my taxes and set up a payment schedule to pay back the roughly $10K tax bill I'm anticipating. After I get the smaller items taken care of (dentist, glasses, dog training) and I at least get a start on an emergency fund, then I'll attack my tax bill and then my car loan. Unless the car loan interest rate is significantly higher in which case I'll go after the car loan first. Lots of financial related things floating around in this head of mine.

As for dating, well Brian is done...again. Lol, he's just not a relationship guy or is just too busy for a relationship, whatever, the reason doesn't matter. The fact that I wasn't getting the time from him that I'd need to actually date him is all that matters.

Then there was Josh. Ugh, I really like him. He seems incredibly kind and genuine and honest. We both are very open people so we just sit and talk about anything and everything. He's intelligent, attractive, clean (lol, silly but I love this about him), a good cook, fun to be around, thoughtful, seems to be a great dad. The list goes on. But alas things were moving too quickly for him and he said he needed a break for a couple months if we wanted to have a real shot at this working out. As sad as it makes me I'm completely willing to give him a little break if that's what he needs. He said that hopefully when we get together next he will officially be divorced and I'll have a job. I've got to say that would be a much better scenario for us to really start a relationship. It'd be a truer picture of what life would be like for the two of us. The stress of his divorce will lessen, he'll still have to communicate with his ex so he'll likely still have stresses from the situation, but at least the legal stuff will all be taken care of. I feel like I'll just be more myself if I'm working again. In conversations on dates I've really felt boring lately, because I don't have any work stuff to talk about. I truly hate being unemployed for so many different reasons. Anyway, I have to agree with him that it would be a better situation if some of these issues are no longer hanging over our heads and we give another go of it.

So I decided that I would use this break from him to focus on myself. I took my profile down from the dating website and am just going to take a break from actively dating. I'm going to put my focus back to where it should be, which is me losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle and finding a job. In the end it'll make me a much better person to date for whomever I end up dating. I hope it's Josh, but I'm certainly not going to be closed off if I end up meeting someone. It's incredibly likely that Josh could meet someone, so if someone great comes along I can't pass them up for the possibility that Josh and I might start things up again. Bottom line, I'm not actively pursuing dating, I'm hopeful that Josh and I give it another shot, but if someone else comes into my life I'm open to that too.

Here's to really getting my life to where I want it to be this year!