Friday, June 29, 2012

Month 3 Results

Month 3 is coming to a conclusion and I am happy to say I FINALLY broke into the 150's. I may just barely be there, but I'm there. I'll take what I can get. :-) Here are my results for Month 3.

Weight - 159.8 lbs = 1.2 lbs lost

Measurements (last done on 5/25/12):
Neck: 12.5 (no change)
Bicep: 11.5 (-0.5 inches)
Forearm: 9.25 (no change)
Chest: 38.25 (-0.25 inches)
Waist: 31.0 (-0.5 inches)
Hips: 39.0 (-1.0 inches)
Thigh: 21.75 (-0.25 inches)
Calf: 13.75 (-0.25 inches)
Total: 233.25 (3.75 inches lost)

April - 6.8 lbs lost/3.75 inches lost
May - 6.2 lbs lost/2.5 inches lost
June - 1.2 lbs lost/3.75 inches lost

As you can see, this month I lost far less poundage but I lost the same number of inches as I did in April when I lost nearly 6 times as much weight as I did this month. What that tells me is that this was a month where I built muscle and lost fat and that is never a bad thing. One more month till my 30th birthday!! Can't wait to see what I accomplish over the next month.

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