Weight Photos

Here are pictures of me over time.  I started at the ripe old age of 18 and added photos showing my journey with weight between then and now.

These first two pictures are of me when I was just 18 years old in the summer of 2000. At that time I was taking dance classes and teaching classes and traveling with a dance troupe, so even though I didn't know anything about nutrition and had horrible eating habits you'd never know it. I'd guess I was probably around 140 lbs at this time. This pic is of me and two of my three brothers.

This picture is that same summer in 2000 when I was just 18. Even here, though, you can see that I held what little extra weight I had in my belly. I am an apple to the core...he he he.

This was after I went off to college. This pic was taken in 2001. It was either the end of my freshman year or the beginning of my sophomore year. I probably weighed around 170 lbs. I was very shy, so I overcompensated by drinking a lot of liquid calories. Plus whenever anyone wanted to order pizza or bread sticks at the end of the night I was all in to soak up that alcohol and because I really had no restraint and at the same time just wanted to be included in whatever other people were doing. Also, since I moved away for college the dance troupe was no more for me, so that exercise was no longer a part of my routine.

This was my 20th birthday in August 2002. I'm guessing I weighed around 200 lbs here. Obviously, my bad habits have really caught up with me at this point. And to add insult to injury the girl hugging me was my really close friend and roommate. How do you compete with that?

This was in March 2003 and this is the other roommate I had in college, Katie. Yes, I lived with these two girls. Seriously, what was I thinking, lol. I'm still friends with Katie, though, in fact I was in her wedding in June 2010. Anywho, I probably weighed around 180 lbs here. Katie and I made an effort to cook healthier meals at home and I started working out, hence the weight loss.

I moved from WI to CA right after I graduated college. I really focused on my weight. I exercised most days and watched what I ate and got down to 165 lbs. This picture was taken in November '05.  I was 23 years old here.

This was in July '06. I was turning 24 the next month and weighed about 170 lbs in this pic. I was a bridesmaid in a really great friend's wedding back in WI.

This pic was taken in April '07. I probably weighed around 200 lbs here. This is one of the least flattering pictures I own, but it gives a clear shot showing I carry just about all my weight in my tummy.

This picture was taken in December '07. I probably weighed about 210 lbs here. These are my grandparents on my mom's side. Aren't they cute! I absolutely adore my grandparents.

This pic was taken in September '08. I was 26 years old here. I had lost some weight for my brother's wedding where I was a bridesmaid and got down to 180 lbs. I actually was down to 176.5 lbs about a month and a half before this, but I had some family drama and had started putting some weight back on.

This was June '09 at my little brother's high school graduation. In this picture he was 17 (almost 18), my other brother in this pic was 28 and I have a third brother that was 25 at this time. I was in the middle at 26 (almost 27).  Anyway, in this pic I had gotten back up to around 210 lbs.

This picture is right around the same weight as the last one, 210 lbs or so. It's in August '09 when I turned 27. It shows my teeny tiny puppies when I first got them and is a decent full body shot of me.

This is right before I started my weight loss journey and my blog. This pic was taken in October '09. I officially started tracking my weight shortly after this and weighed in at 206 lbs.

This was in December '09. I weighed 199 lbs in this pic. That's my puppy Dot. She thinks she's a lap dog. Lol.

The last pic isn't really a good body shot, so here's another one from January '10 where I weighed 198 lbs.

This pic was taken in March '10 and I weighed 190 lbs in this pic.

This picture was taken in October '10.  I was 28 in this picture and weighed 176 lbs.  Definitely a big difference between this picture and the previous one, so the weight loss is really starting to make a difference.

The below picture was taken in November '14.  Just a bit of a jump in time since the last photo!  I'm not sure my exact weight in this photo, but it should be within a few pounds of my most recent weigh-in at 179 lbs.

Those are all the photos I have for you. It makes it very clear how much of a roller coaster I've been on in my adult life. I gained a lot of weight when I started college, lost it, gained it back, lost some, gained again and now I'm finally losing again. I definitely need to put an end to this ride.